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    Agree with Kerley that there’s not a great deal in it. Cross is a bit unusual in the sense that the race position is not very polarised to one extreme or the other – it’s actually quite neutral and upright (steer with the hips). You could get on Mathieu van der Poel’s bike and it would prob feel quite comfy, whereas if you got on a race DH or XC…[Read more]

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic New to Cycle Cross in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    You don’t need to overthink things with a gravel type bike – just pick the colour and price you like.
    That on-one would not be for me just for aesthetic reasons but I’m sure it would be absolutely fine to do what you want and the price is appealing. Go for it if you like how it looks. Drop bars on a MTB style frame look like anus IMHO, but they…[Read more]

  • Not got a big event in mind – road racing looks awesome and I’d like to try it but the hard crashes (and often nothing to do with you) put me off. Reckon I can still shave some seconds off the time trialling before I start going backwards so will prob focus on that.

    First up though is the Cheshire cat sportive with my wife. Not a difficult event,…[Read more]

  • If ever there was an athlete who passed the eyeball test. If you asked a marvel comicbook artist to draw a cycling superhero it would look like MvdP – never seen a more purposeful looking cyclist. His form and silhouette on the bike stands out a mile.

  • I’m aiming to do a bit more running new year. Have a very comfy pair of mizunos that are 5+ years old, but very low mileage (and never worn day to day). Worth getting a new pair do you reckon – the sole must lose some of its springiness?

    How are decathlon for running shoes? I live close to one and can easily pick up a pair of kalenjis if they’re…[Read more]

  • Recovery will take longer as you get older – a friend when he got to 65 said he could keep up with the club A ride on a Sunday but would then have to skip the next Sunday A ride as he hadn’t fully recovered.

    I watch the arl fellas cx race and some of the V60 guys are well impressive – makes you think competitive cycling is absolutely the way for…[Read more]

  • Nah I’m talking properly taking it easy zone 1 for 2-3 hours can give you TSS 100+, at least on heart rate (my power meter is on my TT bike that I have yet to take out with the kids).

    Just in general it seems to weight saddle time way more than intensity. Perhaps this is fine if you’re logging big hours training for endurance events and it does…[Read more]

  • Also the FTP value is only relevant within the context of Trainerroad to allow you to correctly target each workout. It doesn’t really relate to outdoor riding and probably not to any other training software or program. It’s just a number.

    I’m amazed at how powerful a number FTP is, really. As you prob know there are Brexit-level arguments onl…[Read more]

  • Would be a mighty challenge – think you’d see some beautiful landscapes / nature as well despite the sameyness of the terrain. Goes without saying you’d need to research the bolex off it as a lot of those sands are dangerous with the tides and soft sand.

    Some of those rivers emptying out are quite large – e.g. the Ribble, the Lune – they’d have…[Read more]

  • Had some fresh legs today so fancied putting a dig into the turbo – Ansel Adams+1. Quite a hard one at IF 0.98, but short and sharp intervals are better for me so I’m usually ok with it if I’m fresh. Beforehand, though, I had do a workout that would give van der Poel himself pause – 2 hours Christmas shopping at the Trafford centre!

    Just not…[Read more]

  • They’re fine – you will get a ton of punctures on tubes, though, if you ride it through the rocks or down stairs etc. Tubeless all day.

    Might be worth keeping the very average wheelset it no doubt came with – it’s good to have something to tank through the mixed terrain. But equally is life is too short to ride one’s bike on bad wheels? Hunts are…[Read more]

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    It’s a nice looking bike – have you seen it in the flesh? That sort of money it needs to really be ringing your bell, as said above there’s functionally very little in it compared to far cheaper bikes.

    Mason Bokeh is a very smart looking gravel bike at a similar price – maybe worth a look? Aluminium frame though.

  • He’ll have half a decade to hone it.

    Nice to hear some unashamedly wild optimism in these troubled times.

    Seriously he’ll be up there with Atlee if he turns this round in one term. I feel like that’s why more of a political operator is needed in the here and now – deep structural divisions with labour that need a total rebuild job.

    Could be w…[Read more]

  • STW seems to be slipping into the view that the Torys ran a good campaign. They didn’t. Boris’s approval rating were dire from the start – worse than Mays. The campaign was dire. Boris didn’t win, Labour failed to score against an open goal for the second time in a row.

    No way was this an open goal – you must be joking (although weren’t you the…[Read more]

  • Cooper’s Castleford constituency was 70% leave IIRC – so she goes and completely shows her aris to them by actively and effectively campaigning against Brexit – no mealy mouthed JC platitudes here, deselect me if you dare (they don’t), and then gets returned to parliament last week (albeit on a slim margin). Impressive – that is a politician. Has…[Read more]

  • Thanks.

    wrt gaming have you ever tried that playstation now thing on a laptop? Would love to play bloodborne but don’t own a PS4, do own a couple of laptops – wondering if you’d need a lot of power for it to work acceptably.

  • Looking to get my lad a first laptop – win10 or a chromebook. He likes minecraft a lot and from what I’m reading that needs a bit of fiddling to get to work on a chromebook – anyone know? Is it something that just needs setting up or will it always be a bit compromised?

    I think he’d prefer the more app-based structure of the chromebook but no…[Read more]

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    Leg braking a grown-up gear is hard on the legs Kerley (I’ll slow my speed with the legs but never skid stop) – we all know pedalling fixed builds mighty knees, but persistent hard skid stopping is a recipe for injury IMO (chronic at that). It’s putting a lot of force through the lower quad in a poorly controlled / stable way.

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    I was on Stans grail which were great for tubeless but got dinged to hell in one season. Now on a set of Hunts 4 season and they’ve been trouble-free, and seem more dent-resistant. Certainly the rim must be critical as plenty of folk report problems with burping etc.

    I do run a set of tubs as well, but need to be a bit more careful as I’ve…[Read more]

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic Cross 19/20 in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    I ran 23psi yesterday in limus TLR, at 100 kg. Standard for me in muddy conditions – been amazed at tubeless reliability tbh – only had a single problem in prob 30 races and that was caused by a badly dinged rim.

    Tubes just sound like a non-starter for a heavier rider (I mean given the choice, we prob all started on tubes). You’d prob need 30psi…[Read more]

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