• There’s more than one system I believe.

    Some are ECU changes, others are piggy back black boxes that affect throttle and/ or inlet manifold.

    I’m guessing a remap specialist will know.

    Question is why you’d bother. It will go at the limit, it’s fairly old and may not have been treated that kindly. Putting more stress on the engine from…[Read more]

  • Can I skip the test and just relocate to somewhere with some nice biking and sailing and be done with it?

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic Your cycling confessions in the forum Bike Forum 6 days ago

    I have more bikes than my spare riding time can justify and really all I want or need is a moderately tough hardtail trail bike for mtb and maybe a cheap hybrid.

    I could really do with ditching the entire fleet but the FS is non boost, the hardtail is 26″ and the road bike was cheap 15 years ago. Where do you sell and who buys this stuff?

  • I’ve just switched from a nice B7 Passat estate to a year older SMax. I’m about 400 miles in.

    Inside it’s wider, there’s a bunch more useful pockets, the ergonomics and high driving position are brilliant, the boot is usefully larger than an estate.

    It drives ok but it’s clearly no sports car and it is really at its best if you don’t hurry…[Read more]

  • Quick list of my favoured tourist spots after a couple of trips and with family connections to Cape Town for many years….

    Kirstenbosch Gardens
    Table Mountain
    Simon’s Town/Boulders Beach
    Orchard Tea Rooms and Farm Shop on N2 for breakfast
    The strip of coast along towards Mossel Bay/Knysna is lovely
    Hermanus to see southern right whales (if going…[Read more]

  • Where are you all going on your jollies this year by the way?

    😆 Notice how a certain segment of this thread have ignored you…

  • No barber is going to get a meaningful conversation about football out of me but that’s purely because I’ve probably got a better knowledge of Latin than I do of football (I don’t know much Latin).

    Happy to chat in the barber on other topics because I’m not a mardy sod (well not all the time).

    However if you’re the random bloke who stopped to…[Read more]

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic Storm Ciara in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Binners that looks awful.

    Got off relatively lightly here despite some meaty gusts and sideways rain. Definitely the vilest day I can remember for a long while. A few broken panels and posts on a fence that’s done 10 years +.

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic Alternatives to QECP in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Quick hijack but how is QE riding at the mo?

    Not been up for ages but got a couple of hours to kill from Horndean tomorrow so thinking about a gentle play on the blue to wake my legs up after a few months off the bike or some local out in the hills xc.

    And to the OP there is lots of natural riding around there. Depends if you want trail…[Read more]

  • What do you want it for?

    Biffing in 6mm wood screws for a bit of structural woodwork or doing a quick wheel change on a track car?

    I’ve got a small MacAllister one from b and q. For light DIY duties (deck building, making some trestles, a little bit of structural style timber) it’s more than adequate. It’d benefit from another battery but…[Read more]

  • I have been a big advocate of roof carriers (if you search my previous thread and comments) but having just swapped out the estate for an SMax there’s a tow bar rack on its way to me.

    Partly that’s a height thing and partly it’s down to wanting to carry both kayaks and bikes at once for holidays and partly it’s the howling of empty racks.…[Read more]

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic People Carriers in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    The other downside to the Grand Tourneo Connect we spotted is it’s meagre towbar nose weight. A mere 75kg. A four bike rack will put it over.

    The new 1.6 is 120hp so it’s a little better than the old 105hp one. Given it’s lighter unladen than the s max and galaxy I’d guess it’s probably a bit better.

    The Caddy maxi life doesn’t exactly have…[Read more]

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic People Carriers in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    @ajaj – thanks for the tips. I’d spotted the pillar issue. I always “fidget” at junctions so hoping it isn’t too big a problem.

  • Bloody DIY and sorting out a change of car. @colournoise have given you a follow (very infrequent poster but do like the pics).

  • My money would be on Gran Fondo as well.

    First saw one on a Dutch car a few years back and had a wtf moment but actually seems quite a clever solution.

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic People Carriers in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    We are literally two days into ownership. If I don’t post back feel free to PM me in a few days.

  • garage-dweller replied to the topic People Carriers in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    I’ll try and post back in a few days as we’ve literally just made the change and there’s a cheap and a little rough round the edges 2011 s max just arrived in my life.

    Mine’s a manual and I gather the powershift box in fords can be a little needy maintenance wise. For an auto I’d be looking towards the Sharan/Alhambra.

    We also drove a couple…[Read more]

  • Speak to your insurer? There are rules / issues around double insurance, although we sometimes encounter it on property and vehicles at work (where we cannot get data on third party assets that we are responsible for) we have rather special cover and specialist brokers. It may be they can do cover that deals with your use while leaving the other…[Read more]

  • Or is there some 26″ fast rolling 2.0″+ tyre i should just buy instead.

  • As title, just musing about a “ride from home bike”. Can’t afford/don’t want another bike (I have reached n+1=divorce) but there’s a fair bit of rough road/easy track near me and I’m wondering (clutching at straws) if I could get some cheapish 650b wheels made up on some spare hubs, add gravel/file tread tyres, rigid fork and some multi position…[Read more]

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