• you would have thought that nearly everyone runs at least a small guard, even just for stones and minor bits in the summer, and not just in the UK, nearly everyone on the EWS, that the fork makers would bring out a better integrated design by now, there’s DVO with the small bolt on option, but it seems like an easy win for RS or Fox to come out…[Read more]

  • The zip tie ones are only good if you never want to put your bike in the car, if you do then its a right pain…..

    I used to use the powa-defender for that reason, quick and easy to put on/take off to load into the car. Unfortunately, that doesnt work on the fork/tyre combo I have now as it rubs (2.5 minion 29, boost 36’s)

    I have the small…[Read more]

  • On the 36’s
    Performance = lower end internals
    Pre-Elite = top end internals
    Factory = Kashmina coating

    IF you listen to Doddy, and thats a BIG IF…
    The Kashmina will sustain its performance level at a higher level, longer than the non-kash, but just post-service there will be essentially no noticeable difference, and if you keep on top of the…[Read more]