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    They could ship rockets into Wick harbour. We use to regularly ship large facilities into there for the oil industry for onward transport to the Subsea 7 factory just north of Wick. I believe some of the lamp posts in Wick are hinged to allow the trucks to pass and one homeowner used to get his wall demolished and rebuilt regularly. I think the…[Read more]

  • I read a book many years ago called “With a Machine Gun to Cambrai” One of the few memoirs of WW1 written by a private soldier. The interesting thing is that the author was involved in the development of tank warfare, Cambrai being the first battle that saw the use of tanks on a large scale and broke the stalemate of trench warfare.

  • Well to offer a contrary view, I wish my bike (Yeti SB150) didn’t have a cage mount. To get one in with the Switch Infinity link Yeti have just extended the downtube horizontally from the bottom bracket, it is pretty much as far forward as the front pedal when the cranks are horizontal. This means it is in direct line of fire for any large rock…[Read more]

  • Giant Trance X 29er frame with Fox Kashima shock, 125mm travel. The bike has several scratches and wear marks, in particular, heel rub on the RH chainstay, but mechanically is…

  • Although the 2020 Specialized Levo Comp comes with a basic set of Lyriks, I believe it only costs around £350 to upgrade the internals to the high end ones. That seems like the best value for money option.

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    I had this when I first got Shimano 12 speed. It was very annoying until I realised it was the quicklink spitting the chain off. They tend to be a bit tight to begin with. Put the bike into a gear that results in a straight chainline, then either spin the cranks for a few minutes or ride the bike for a few minutes in that gear. This will loosen…[Read more]