• GeForce J has good advice.

    Family blue is not for a family. I have seen/helped a few families on there Shit scared as it starts off easy, gets rooty in woods and DH riders with all the gear bomb past. Saw one dad with kid on balance bike. Nuts.

    Greens at Super Morzine are ace for kids and easy to get to.

  • In Samoens there is plenty of flat trails along the river and Fer a Cheval for easy fat bike explore.

    Or see the guys at Mountain Spirit who do eFatbike tours up to Tete de Boston. I think they also have an arrangement at Les Carroz to bomb down the pistes one or two evenings a week.

    As another activity – highly recommend trying a Yooner Enduro…[Read more]

  • Great vid. Just bought myself a Nidecker Mellow and will be riding it in Samoens in a few weeks. May not be quite shredding like those chaps though