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    Head-up and focus at something on the far wall straight ahead – works every time.

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    +1 for Polartec Alpha – the only insulation that really works for active wear. Primaloft – OK for standing around but not really for active use as it traps too much moisture

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    Threadlock anything that doesn’t have a secondary locking mechanism i.e. most things that screw into blind holes like crank bolts, brake retainer screws, stem screws and rotor screws. A stick of Loctite 248 is ideal – just wipe it on the threads.

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    I would get the whole drivetrain checked – not unknown for new bikes to come with bent hangers and with the stop screws not adjusted correctly

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    The problem with HT2 + top hat spacer for GXP is that there’s no adjustment for axial load as the non-drive crank is tightened firmly against the stepped spindle. You need something to take up the slop i.e. wavy washers and or BB spacers but if you overload them you’ll kill the bearings in no time.

  • Whitby / Zippo hand warmers are great – they run off lighter fuel – stick them in your boots overnight and they’ll be warm and dry in the morning which is bliss on multi-day expeditions

  • I’ve got some Genetic Digest bars on my SSCX / gravel bike – the drop section is very straight, so once you get the right angle for you, they work pretty well. However, I have the opposite problem – I mainly ride on the hoods and only use the drops occasionally.

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    He lives fairly local to me and I’ve seen him out riding regularly for the last 30 years – he’s got a proper old-school position, riding on the drops on deep, skinny bars and slowly turning over a big gear – like something out the 1950s.

  • XC ski pants – I have some Craft ones that have a windstopper front that are great for winter biking. Anything insulated with Primaloft would probably be too warm even at -20C IME.

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    My wife did it to me the morning of a big company conference – I asked for a quick trim – she forgot to fit the comb to the clippers so had to go zero!

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    Having been involved in committees as a cross-industry rep trying to help shape Government policy on a number of issues, including working with civil servants and select committees I have little hope – regardless of the hue of Government, the complete lack of understanding of business in Whitehall is despairing.

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    I’d avoid at all costs particularly if it involves crossing junctions / slip roads because joining traffic isn’t looking out for relatively slow moving bikes – it’s bad enough when driving these days that people just barrel down the slip road expecting a gap to magically appear. I once witnessed a guy riding up the A3 where the M25 exit slip joins…[Read more]

  • I’ve attempted a few DT Revs builds, but even with 32 holes they needed constant attention on the drive side – replaced with regular double-butted and they’ve been fine ever since. I agree that a stiffer rim helps – notoriously flexy rims like Stans Alpha would be pretty hopeless

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    Dry, warm feet can be the difference between a good ride and an unpleasant experience in winter. I have some Japanthers and some Wolvhammers having tried various Northwave, Gaerne and Shimano efforts previously. Overshoes are fine for road, but simply don’t work offroad

  • 1/8″ NPT is a touch bigger than 1/8″ BSP

  • I’ve got a couple of pairs, a 26″ disc pair that I’ve used for CX/gravel riding and a super-wide expedition pair for my fat bike I’m not a heavy rider and they do flex quite visibly. I do like some of the truss fork designs but haven’t been able to stretch to the Blacksheep / Oddity Cycles sized budget. Xi’an Titanium in China will make you a…[Read more]

  • High intensity interval training has been shown to deliver the biggest benefits in the shortest time – we’re talking about a warm-up followed by 6 x 20 seconds maximum-effort intervals with a 1 minute recovery between. Hurts like hell if done correctly.

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    Try giving Paul Hewitt Cycles in Leyland a call – they build lots of wheels and will probably have what you’re looking for.

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    Mrs Dovebiker really suffered the first time in our camper due to firm seats/fold-out bed – mattress topper or even better a Duvalay with thick quilt is luxury. Inflatable pillow. Waterproof boots you can take on and off easily for frequent trips from van to toilet – e.g. short wellies. Don’t worry about the phone charger cable – chances are…[Read more]

  • You won’t die but you’ll find yourself flailing around on the floor a fair bit – skis are a lot, lot narrower and the boots far more flexible than DH so your balance and technique are far more important. It’s far more an all-over workout so you’ll probably overheat if wearing your normal alpine ski-ing kit unless travelling at a very moderate effort.

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