• Lived in Essex quite a while back – from memory, only some of the old fishing villages like Brightlingsea were worth visiting on a day trip in summer. Bad memories of Southend, Clacton and Leigh-on-Sea. If staring at mud flats is your thing…

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    I’m taking the train from London to Edinburgh in the morning for an interview…hopefully no mishaps

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    I tried one on the other week – great as an outdoors jacket for walking etc, but IMO would be far too warm for typical UK active wear use. Far more breathable than Primaloft though.

    I have a number of Polartec Alpha garments, I really like it for active wear for the way that it keeps you warm even when wet. It was the perfect insulator for a…[Read more]

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    Esther and Watson

    Esther our rescue Labrador and my running buddy with Watson, our elderly Basset Hound

  • Declaring a low value has it’s pitfalls – if it’s lost you only get the low value for insurance. Also, HMRC can charge a penalty, twice their estimate if they feel there’s been a false declaration.

  • I would go Arran – Claonaig – Mull of Kintyre – Oban – Mull – Ardnamurchan – Arisaig – Skye (Cuillin) and back via Kyle, Glenfinnan, Glencoe etc.

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    Get yourself something like a Skike or Powerslide offroad skate – big wheels roll far quicker than regular roller skis and work on fire roads / mild trails etc – and develop your skating / skiing technique and fitness. I had a pair on a local closed road circuit and would lap about 30% quicker than those on roller skis – online speed skates even quicker!

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    Did you release the shifter fully before removing the cable? Have you clamped the cable on the right side of the screw? Plenty of online tutorials on how to index a mech – you should only need to re-adjust the tension, not stop screws.

  • Cross-post from the ‘doggy’ thread but this is the way I’ve managed to keep my running mileage up despite the weather!

    Doggy running

    Esther, 2 year old rescue Labrador loves running – just a short distance to the end of the street and the canal towpath. With all the rain, she fair kicks up the mud but the harness means I get around quicker! Sub 45 min 10k…[Read more]

  • Adrian Flux for my camper but will be looking to change at least breakdown cover as they took 7 hours to respond to a call and then refused to carry our dogs when we needed recovery. Many recovery companies refuse to take dogs on their trucks, even if it’s not suitable for them to be left in the vehicle

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    Sorry for your loss. We’ve had to go through this three times now and share your pain, but given all the happy years of dog company we’ve had, it’s only a couple of times in over 25 years of pleasure and you owe it to them to make their passing as easy as possible.

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    This is me and Esther, our rescue Labrador – we’ve had her 11 months and she’s just over 2 years old. She took to running from day 1 and life has good easier having invested in a proper running harness for me which really supports my back – although she’s not a big dog at 22kg, she’s all muscle and we can hustle a 10k in under 45 minutes on the…[Read more]

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    Try Onzadog’s suggestion – one of our previous hounds suffered a spinal torsion and this was how it was diagnosed. Dogs are very stoic and will only really exhibit excruciating pain.

  • I’ve fitted / refitted numerous tyres over the years. Make sure your tape job is good – rim edge to edge and snug fit with tyre. Use a tube with a new tyre and bring it indoors to keep warm / flexible – that way you only need to remove one bead to remove tube / fit tubeless valve / install sealant. If you’re struggling, a webbing strap around the…[Read more]

  • I worked in a Portacabin office with a rat infestation problem because people left food in drawers and bins so they put poisoned traps down. The traps worked and when it came to summer, the smell of putrifying flesh was pretty grim.

  • VdP only rode a few of the mountain bike World Cups and beat Schurter three times – quite convincingly at Nove Mesto where he dropped him for about 20 seconds on the last lap climb on a course felt to favour the Swiss. Hard to see past VdP for the Olympic MTB Gold.

  • But then you’ll be swapping Brexit for the leaving the Union divisions, and the bitterness that caused last time, and there is still a lot of sectarianism, especially around Greater Glasgow.
    The grass isnt always greener.

    I grew up in Glasgow in the 70s, I got to watch running street battles outside my grandmother’s house when there was a big g…[Read more]

  • My SIL, aged 58 managed to bring up the subject of the second world war and the empire when we announced we’re going to move to Scotland to escape the divisions and spitefulness of Brexit. Apparently racism and anti-immigration sentiment is rife in South Africa too and bears shit in the woods…

  • We’re on Virgin fibre-optics, 200Mb broadband that’s very quick and pretty bombproof. MIL’s Sky TV stops working when the neighbours trees get too high, needs constant fettling and the needs a BT landline

  • I’m mainly running with my dog, 2 year-old Labrador that we rescued a year ago and she loves it – 45 minute off-road 10k today started with a 3:56 1st kilometre including a poop-stop! She wears a harness and bungee lead and I have a Ruffwear waistbelt / harness and she goes off like the clappers. Haven’t quite managed to get her to pull or slow on…[Read more]

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