• I’d happily let my daughter run the country over the shower that we have to choose from on 12th.

    Me too and my daughters only 10…

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    Did you do up the pinch bolts correctly?

    Definitely torqued up correctly initially. During he trail side fix I just got them as tight as possible with the multi-tool.

    Are you sure the noise was due to chainline? Maybe you just need a bit more B-screw?

    Possible. Maybe I’ll have a play with that again.

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    I have a boost frame (Orange Clockwork Evo 29) which I setup with a non-boost XT crank-set (M8000) The chain-line meant things were rather noisy so I put a second 2.5mm spacer in the bottom bracket and everything was great….. until Sunday, when the crank fell off. It didn’t appear loose before but half way around Sherwood it popped off. I…[Read more]

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    These wtb’s look heavy, with a steel frame and fork, the wheelset is where I’m looking at a bit of weight saving.

    I currently have a Trail Boss on the rear of my hard tail (Vigilante front) and they are heavy and draggy but the grip is OK

  • Dubai 5.0 have a rather swish fleet!

    More Pics

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    foot down where appropriate and necessary.

    It is never necessary unless you are a member of the emergency services. But some people are not very good at organising their lives and then think that the resulting time issues justify fast driving. They are wrong.

    How do you over take safely without putting your foot down? Actually, being…[Read more]

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    I agree with her. And then she uses it. And then …

    …read the comments. And then go and boil my head in tar. Feels good, doesn’t it? (Goes biking)

    Did that NZ politician just ask how many Dick heads?

  • Used C63 estate? Although I don’t think the dog would enjoy it much 😉

    I just bought one to scratch the V8 itch before going electric. Got 33mpg driving from Heathrow to East Mids. I know that’s not great but with 500bhp it’s not bad…. I do cycle to work so it does, in my self centred and broken logic, offset the poor eco credentials (…[Read more]