• chewkw replied to the topic My son was mugged yesterday in the forum Chat Forum 19 hours ago

    Is he just incredibly unlucky or is there a real shift in street crime?

    Both …

    Just heard this morning that my nephew got detained in RVI Newcastle with a fractured skull last night after going to the aid of a mate ( trying to cool things down ) after an altercation outside a nightclub in Newcastle ..he’s 6’4 and a non violent decent kid ..…

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  • chewkw replied to the topic TV in bedroom…. in the forum Chat Forum 19 hours ago

    thoughts ???

    Get it and watch pron with wife. 😅

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    The average age on this forum means that many if not most of us will have experience close up of the realities, which even with a ‘good death’ (at home, surrounded by family, largely comfortable) are not pleasant, especially in the week or so before the morphine pump gets started up

    My cousin’s husband passed away two weeks ago. He fell dow…[Read more]

  • chewkw replied to the topic Dignity in Dying in the forum Chat Forum 22 hours ago

    IMO people can die however they wish because that is their life.

    Therefore, it is their decision and rights.

    In our belief a person death must not inconvenient others or cause harm to people around them. i.e. left debts, not sort out inheritance etc … Also if the death is the result of self intention i.e. “suicide”, then we would persuade…[Read more]

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    Have only seen her on telly for few minutes at a most as I am not really into those reality stuff whatever. She must be under a lot of pressure, not sure what, to push her to take her own life.

    Now if you want to help then pray for if you are religious. If you are non-religious type this is what you do, whenever you have done something good…[Read more]

  • Don’t go to Malaysia! Nescafé made with condensed milk 🤯

    Nescafe with condensed milk is normal but I never drink them. Also at least Nescafe has the coffee “taste” wait until you drink those really low grade coffee. Made of cheap coffee beans bulk up with other beans (not entirely sure what beans but not coffee beans) that are roasted da…[Read more]

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    Daiko (white radish) with chicken soup
    Birra Moretti
    South Korean movie or whatever available.

  • … shaking everyone’s hands as you do, then I went to Norway, Greece and Italy, via busy international airports …

    I hate shaking people’s hands as I don’t know where they put their hands before shaking mine.

  • Would you be comfortable to have your medical info shared with your colleagues?

    Without consent, definitely No.
    With consent, only those people that needs to know.

  • chewkw replied to the topic HS2 spiralling costs in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Chewkw – not bothered about the driverless aspect either.

    Thank you for your response.

    I am just trying to find out if people will accept driverless train.
    I am not working for HS2 by the way.

  • chewkw replied to the topic HS2 spiralling costs in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago


    Driverless is it seems feasible but I wouldn’t say proven technology yet and maybe some time away. When I say proven I mean not running the odd test vehicle but running thousands at the same time.

    Thank you for the response.

    How about others?
    What do you think if HS2 is driverless? Good or bad idea?

  • The wild animals cannot fight back so their virus come to their defense.

    In future all wild animals will develop virus to defend themselves against being hunted for “food”.

  • chewkw replied to the topic HS2 spiralling costs in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    A quick question to all.

    Do you prefer HS2 to be driverless?

  • How do you like your barbers – chatty or quiet?

    The last time I went to a barber was more than 10 years ago as I forgot to bring my Wahl clipper.

    Even when I had full head of hairs in my younger days I rarely chat to the barber.

    In a way I prefer them to be not too chatty or quiet. i.e. 20 to 30% speaking time is fine.

  • Here’s a proper conspiracy for you. 🙂

    The conspiracy theories have already gone full swing in the far east.

  • chewkw replied to the topic Donald! Trump! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    He will get away with it, his family will go from strength to strength outside the constant public gaze. This is the way of the world, the rich and powerful have always acted this way, it is just his particular narcissism has exposed it more than ever.

    Regardless of whether his rich powerful etc if he cannot help make people earn a living he is out.

  • chewkw replied to the topic Storm Ciara in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Looks like it’s going to be pissing down.

    Good. I hope it is like monsoon rain back home.

    Save me time having to wash off all the bird droppings on my car.

  • Have you ever mentioned to someone (diplomatically) that they’re an offensively loud eater?

    Not diplomatically.
    The famous approach we have used in the far east amongst friends or family members is “Stop eating with your pig snout”
    It is very rude to eat loudly in the far east except for eating Japanese noddle in Japan.

    Also as a kid when w…[Read more]

  • Add some turmeric to your food
    Eat porridge or oats
    Reduce red meat
    Once a week make some simple Daikon with lean chicken soup (Not creamy soup) – only add salt for flavour. If you are taking medication avoid Daikon as it will neutralise or make them ineffective.
    Have some Brazilian nuts and walnuts
    Boil pandan leaves and drink the water like tea

  • chewkw replied to the topic Brexit 2020+ in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    The Nissan move is interesting though. Given they have a big factory here they could effectively become Britain’s domestic car manufacturer.

    Yes, they just want more favourable terms as they are no longer competitive in the far east.
    Chinese car company has taken over our national car in the far east by turning it into something much nicer than w…[Read more]

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