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    Kinetic for me. Used them for frame and wheel bearings now and both are very good quality. Delivery is spot on and free. Royal mail failed to deliver 1 set and Kinetic just sent out another set foc with no quibble.

  • The 145 is definitely more poppy with the LT linkage. Trade off however is a lower bb and more pedal bob in my experience, so it’s not as good at technical climbing.

  • ow30 engine oil. Was using Rockshox oil but paid more for a tiny pot than I did for 1 litre of engine oil. Looks the same, smells the same, is slippery and my fork feels good.

  • I think you may be overthinking this a bit. If the back tyre is rolling on the rim, add some air or if pushing really hard then a rim insert but if this is the case then Hunt trail wides probably aren’t the wheels for you. I have run tyres from 2.2 up to 2.5 on 30mm internal rims and to be honest the 2.2 tyres don’t sit right at all. 2.5 Maxxis…[Read more]

  • Muc off wet is the worst for gunking up. Makes a black sludge that sets like tar.

    I’m using Fenwicks professional at the moment. Needs applying to each roller individually but only takes a few minutes. Doesn’t gunk up and lasts well.

  • I fell into a very deep, muddy puddle on an off road night ride. Front wheel slipped out from under me and literally body slammed me into the puddle. My head went right under water. My mate was pissing himself laughing at me and I still had 7 miles to ride home in -1 degrees C so I wasn’t laughing much.

  • SDW double and Chase the Sun South. The SDW double attempt will be done at whatever time the weather suits so the actual date is fluid. I plan to be ready by the end of May though. Chase the sun is on solstice so if I don’t get the SDW done by the first weekend in June then I will hold until July.

    Both 200 mile rides, 1 on MTB and 1 on Road bike.

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    Turbo 3 evenings a week doing intervals.

    1 early morning ride for an hour, and back in time to get the kids ready for school.

    3-4 hour ride at the weekend.

    I’m determined to get through this winter and come out fitter and lighter at the other end.

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    I wish I had your problem. I was 89kg and now down to 86kg in 4 weeks but I really have to try hard, like really hard, to keep weight loss going despite training over 8 hours a week and cycling to work everyday. My body seems to default back to 89kg which is strange as I can literally eat whatever I want, whenever I want but I don’t seem to go…[Read more]

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    No problems once set up properly and then it doesn’t need touching in my experience. Myself and a friend have taken the time to set up properly and both like it. Another friend who is a serial tinkerer and doesn’t take the time to set it up properly hates it and is constantly adjusting things to get it working properly, which it never does, as…[Read more]