• Don’t forget it’s income so potentially higher tax brackets, no child benefit etc.

    Capital gains when selling the property etc. etc.

  • Basically this whole private school argument started when Boris was made PM (during the Labour confrence IIRC) and the spiteful Momentum crowd thought their perfect ‘revenge’ was to basically close down Eton. Nothing more than that. Obviously the collateral damage of all other private schools would be worth it.

    Now it looks like its just taking…[Read more]

  • Between Melton Park and Gosforth central is an estate called Red House Farm – that feeds into a couple of very good primary schools, and the Good Gosforth Academy is half a mile away. Closer to the Gret North Road is better though, (i.e. the street or two parallel).

  • Dinnington is pretty close to the airport mind. My mate lives there and it can get pretty noisy depending on the wind. (basically part of the village runs alongside the runway albeit a few fields away).

    Melton Park or Brunton Park might get you a do-er-up-er but suspect the 4 bedroom stuff might be at top end.

    Be slightly wary of cheapish houses…[Read more]

  • breatheeasy replied to the topic Weighted blanket how much!! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’m struggling to understand the principle here, is it weighted at the edges to keep it square on the bed?

    No, it’s basically a duvet filled with glass beads instead of feathers basically so the whole thing is a weight, not just the corners.

    The ‘theory’ i that the weight ‘hugs’ you and supposedly some scientific theory about comfort from t…[Read more]

  • Depends what you want really. I’ve never had any problems with Wiggle on eBay but I’ve read a few comments on here that suggest otherwise.

    A lot of the other outlets just seem to be selling there normal stuff at normal (i.e greater than CRC/Wiggle) prices so no real benefit, very few do auction bids like Wiggle (trisportresort is there ebay…[Read more]

  • breatheeasy replied to the topic Weighted blanket how much!! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I’ve got a Koala one. I have real problem sleeping and it was worth it for justa few nights decent kip. Possibly snake oil and positive mental attitude but it’s working for me.

    Depends how your missus sleeps – if she is on her back the weight of the blanket on feet/toes might be uncomfortable – they are quite long in the single size I’ve got and…[Read more]

  • I hope your missus is earning 100K a year, as thats what the mortgage provider is going to ask her to prove for sole mortgage payment.

    She can’t really say, “Oh, but by the way my husband/boyfriend is going to pay half the mortgage” because then really you should be joint owners, or they may view your ‘contribution’ as a risk.

    Sadly, it’s time…[Read more]

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    Farrage is in this for one thing (himself basically).

    I suspect he’ll go for MP in the best chance constituency he can find, but to achieve this he has to do a ‘deal’ with the Tories so they don’t go up against him. Possibly if they realise people in the North might not vote Tory regardless, the Conservatives will maybe ‘forge’t to put a…[Read more]

  • breatheeasy replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Labour’s proposed policy of seizing private property doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence in them.

    This is the thing that will do them in. Labour have some decent policies, a national bank/power/transport supplier etc. would be reasonable fodder for most people.

    Then they trot out ‘ban public schools’ and the like and suddenly their swi…[Read more]

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    Are you doing it for a valution or something? Because it’s basically not worth doing much research and just saying a quid a CD.

  • Bitcoin halving takes place next year, where they half the cost that miners get from mining the coins. Might be worth a punt if you don’t mind risky. Seem to be on a bit of a low at the moment and quite volatile but thats the risk.

  • How much are you wanting to spend on the frame? If its anywhere near 400 quid you could get a brand new Dolan L’Etape in your preferred size…

  • We were in a similar position a couplle of years ago.

    Worth double checking you can actually keep your current payment because our provider wouldn’t let us and we ended up ‘having’ to pay less a month. But not the end of the world as the agreement also allowed 10% overpayment a year so we just did that instead with the spare left over.

    I…[Read more]

  • Can I say two?

    Remember the Olympics a good while ago, when one of the GB rowing teams (eights I think) won the gold medal – they had an ex-cox commentating and his voice just got higher and higher as it looked like they were going to clinch gold.

    And nobody mentioned Phil Liggett on the 1987 La Plagne stage of the TdF when Stephen Roche chased…[Read more]

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    Those niqabs would be handy if you have a cold, you could just blow your snotters into the cloth right in front of your nose.

    You’re Boris Johnson and I claim my five pounds.

    But serioulsy, lets not start the casual racism up eh?

  • As a pukka company they still have to offer returns and the like, so it feels like people are using them as a shop and ordering, then returning if they find them cheaper etc.

    I’ve had no problems with them, they often (to me anyway) tend to err on the side of caution when describing things so I got a very nice set of Ultegra shifters for a decent…[Read more]