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    I’ve got some Cambridge Audio Melomenia 1’s – sounds great and were £90 at the time. Fit snugly so I can’t say I regret not getting ones with noise cancelling.

    Occasional issues with bluetooth but I think this could the phone (Pixel 3a XL) more than the buds as I have issues with other bluetooth devices at times.

  • 3M VHB tape is what good number plate tape is, it’s works well provided you clean and degrease everything but that clear gorilla tape stuff in the link above is amazing, highly recommended – again clean and degrease everything with isopropol or brake cleaner.

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    Also, the better bearings you replace with the less often you’ll have to change them 🙂

    I used Enduro MAX ones and they’re still going strong after 18months of all weather use.

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    I changed my Stereo bearings myself, for removal I used a bearing slide hammer style puller but some wouldn’t shift so I had to resort to various drifts and extension bars with a wooden mallet for those – just make sure you’re hitting them square on and not on a the wonk.

    I do have bearing presses of various styles but some of the bearings on the…[Read more]

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  • Hey,

    I’m sure it’s salvageable, what pack is it or can you supply a picture of the pack and connector?

    Where are you based? I may be able to help directly.


  • Thanks CaptainDanger, although a bad cell or cell connection might be pulling down the pack voltage the charger is also worth checking – can you measure the output voltage of the charger without load?

  • I’ve found that it’s often the way packs are assembled that is more an issue as this will be done manually by the factory building the bike lights rather than the cell manufacturers, whos process is highly automotive.

    I have had several Li-Ion packs fail due to badly spot-welded tabs inside the pack or badly soldered power wires and rarely had…[Read more]

  • As Steve says above the charged voltage without load should be closer to 8.4v as it sounds as though the pack is 2S3P (2 cells in series in 3 parallel banks), the light switching off at ~7v (3.5v per cell) is to be expected to protect the batteries, it is the LVC (low voltage cutoff) setting inside the light.

    I would suspect either the battery…[Read more]