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    Do hifi speakers alone – as in without a centre speaker – deliver good sound for movies, etc?

    Yes they do although you are still governed by the quality of the AV Amp and the speakers themselves. I would say that for movies it is probably worth having a sub as well to help deliver the lower frequencies. The advantage a centre will give you is tha…[Read more]

  • It’s always so very easy for those of us who are not having to face this situation every day to be able to make comments or offer advice. It’s a horrible situation to be in and I cewrtainly feel for you. There is a huge tension between trying to love him through this with unconditional love and hold a disciplinary hard line. As others have said,…[Read more]

  • Does this qualify the article as genuine click bait? 😉

  • The Royal fmaily thing as a whole is an interesting one. As the world changes the Royal family seems to be increasingly anachronistic. It was interesting to me when I was younger (I too remember the street parties in 1977 – it wasn’t just Star Wars that happened that year!) but as I have grown older I have become more ambivalent to them. I admire…[Read more]

  • I suspect this will be a much closer, tighter season. It will depend on how competitive the cars are. I still maintain that Ferrari had the better (certainly faster) car for the first half of last season and Vettel messed it up. LeClerc was unlucky in a couple of races and had the luck been with him might have made it a more competitive season -…[Read more]

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    This is one of those things where you really do have to go and try them yourself. Memory foam are big at the moment but just don’t work for me. I feel too “sunken” in them and that just aggravates my back. I prefer a firmer bed and so we tend to go for pocket sprung. Also depends whether there is a difference in preference between you and your…[Read more]

  • If Labour really want to capture people’s hearts and minds again then, based on what I saw and heard during the election campaign, Rebecca LB is the wrong answer. The staggering thing about all this is that the Labour hierarchy have not seen and understood this. Theresa May ran quite possibly the worst election campaign in living memory and still…[Read more]

  • I was with you for a bit @hodgynd – a reasonable question to ask. However, as DrP pointed out in his open response is that [* sweeping generalisation alert *] men are generally not very good at being open to others about the really deep things. The things that touch our hearts and souls. Sometimes it’s quite probably because we don’t even know…[Read more]

  • For the benefit of people who should know better – having IT kit in your own data centre is on-premises. It’s a small thing, I know, but irritating as ****.

    For an organisation your size I would certainly be considering going cloud only. Office 365 is not a bad option and these days MS technology is pretty friendly with other operating systems…[Read more]

  • We have had a couple of Neff ovens and I’m not really sure why we bought the second one. They are nice looking ovens and have a reasonable set of features but I’m really not convinced that they really are very good at all. Wouldn’t get another one. Despite what’s been said above I would probably look at a Bosch. We have a few Bosch appliances in…[Read more]

  • Had a pair of these for about 4 years now and love them For me they are very comfy and despite some of the reviews have lasted very well. Salomon GTX

    Wonder about an alternative as they are getting a bit long in the tooth now but not yet seen anything that tempts me enough