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  • 5ft11 long body/short legs. Got a Large. No idea if you could drill for a dropper. Really happy with mind. Ridden in on (easy) singletrack and done lots of back-lane, gravel-y type riding. Also Welsh C2C and it was just fab fully loaded up with luggage.

    Pic you say?


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    I’m not one of those BMW drivers Martin 🙂 In fact I let people out and refuse to practice passive/aggressive ‘bumper humping’. It’s the surprise on the faces of the people I try and be nice too which hurts the most 😉

    Anyway as you were. Our (un-gritted) road was properly icy this morning. It’s also on a hill. I’ll see how the whole thing plays…[Read more]

  • I liked my MK1 Aeris but I didn’t get on with the 120 at all. It felt like my 145 but with less travel (and not much different in weight). I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t that!

    There are so many brilliant trail bikes out there now. Pinkbike used to have about 200+ for sale last time I checked. More and more are 29ers tho….

  • Right well thanks for all your advice. I ended up with the AKGs. They have yet to catch fire but it is early days. They are the most expensive headphones I’ve ever had. I am going to try very hard not to leave them somewhere.

    They sound quite a lot better than the Phillips. Just tried them back to back. Arrived promptly although without the…[Read more]

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    Muddy local. Including lost dog and an injured boar

  • Mine has the same length stem just not cantered at 30 degrees like the on-one version 😉 I swapped the tyres for tubeless G1’s for a tour last year and have to swap them back. Dumped the cast iron seat post and rather hard perch for something more compliant. Stuck a wider cassette on the back.

    Then rode it loads. I really like it. I had a…[Read more]

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    Engine braking in icy conditions seems mad to me. Foot brake, and if any hint of loss of traction, clutch down.

    I have an auto so I feel this advice probably won’t help me, however…

    … I also have a BMW so when faced with ice and snow, the only driver activated control that is of any use are the hazard warning lights. Closely followed by the…[Read more]

  • There are so many different perspectives. I’ve read loads and still keep coming back to it. The reasons for war and the outcomes of the carnage that followed have been covered in many different books.

    If I had to choose one – and it’s not a chronology – it would be Tommy by Richard Holmes. Superbly researched and heartbreaking and inspiring on…[Read more]

  • I have a soundcore mini speaker I use when I’m on the Turbo. It’s about 10% of BOSE money and I’m really impressed with it, so I’ll take a look at those. Thanks.

    I’ll check out the cheap Sony’s as well. I’m terrible for leaving stuff across the UK university estate. Maybe that should be a big factor in my considerations. I’m still wondering tho…[Read more]

  • Thanks Chris. Why am I not surprised they come with an app 😉 I’ll have a look at those as well

  • Thanks both.

    Yeah those Sony’s are not quite what I was looking for 🙂 The Veho’s do seem excellent for money but now I’m wondering if I should spend a bit more.

    The folding thing is important, I’ve always got too much crap in my bag. Also aesthetically those Jabra’s upset me 😉

    I’ve done a bit more research and these seem to get good reviews.…[Read more]

  • Oh I also have a pair of Sony MDR ZX77xx which do Noise Cancelling. They are also wireless but they are huge and I really don’t like travelling with them. Also somehow less comfy than my old Sony’s.

  • The SHB3165s to be exact. They still work but the ear pieces/foam/cloth is beyond saving and you can’t get replacements (or not based on my google-Fu nor does it look like they easily detach). I did find I can replace them for £24 on eBay for the same model.

    Originally bought from a PSA here at least three years ago. So before I just buy some…[Read more]

  • Black one arrived. I went with suggested sizing and M was spot on (77kg, 180cm). Nice and long at the back as well. Given it a test on a frosty dog walk and it’s not quite as warm as my Kilpi (and way less than my Alpkit Filo/Duvet). Lighter than both and not too bulky when packed.

    Going to be my post ride ‘pub’ jacket and chuck in my work…[Read more]

  • Me and a mate are in. Last time I did it was at least 10 years ago. It rained and I learned all about how much grip wet slate had. Finished the event and bought knee pads the next day. Happy memories 🙂

  • I’ll see what Cycle Republic will offer – assuming Zyro Fisher (the importer) will approve a swap. They seem to have quite a few different smart trainers in there. They had a Elite set up (not sure which one) so that’s certainly an option.

  • Well I was very happy to get an upgrade to my FTP tonight. 250W on Zwift, 240 from Garmin (off the same sensors.. it’s all so hooky). I like the group rides that go up a big blooming hill (reverse KOM to Radio Tower tonight) as that suits what I’m okay at. Flat rides I can just hang on. Hilly up and down get dropped line a stone!

    Less happy I…[Read more]

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    Burgtec are my first ever set of composites. Had many pairs of superstars (including a mag set), oneup, some of the cheaper HG ones and a few others.

    Only 3 rides into the Burgtec’s, but so far great fit, lots of grip, not been obviously bashed (I’m running 165mm cranks tho). Light, cheap, strong. Pick 3!

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    that’s a good question. I’m adding all the old ones not on my icloud account into photos AND making a separate copy on the NAS. So if I lose icloud/amazon I have my own copies.

    I’m still downloading by album. I know there’s a reason it’ll bite me in the arse if I don’t!

    Looks like the hot-linking thing is a problem tho. No easy way to do that.…[Read more]

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    You can recreate the albums in Amazon Photos but I reckon it’d be quite a manual process. I thought loading a flickr album into a photo would auto create an album but it doesn’t. So then you’d have to select what you’ve just uploaded. I have about 40 albums!

    Also I can realised I’ve probably got 400-500 photos hosted on flickr hot-linked to my…[Read more]

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