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    Ive recently gone form a Motorola G5, 5.7″ to a Huawei P30, 6.1″
    Theres a definite physical increase in size, but it isnt noticeable in the pocket.
    What is slightly annoying is the keyboard size is a little smaller, so I hit ‘space’ rather than N many times.

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    I was in a house today, fixing the heating.
    The Tenants were not the sort of people you would expect to be going out on a MTB.
    So imagine my surprise when I saw a Trek Remedy in good condition in one of the bedrooms.

    I have a huge suspicion that this bike didnt get there legitimately.
    Police are very likely to do nothing about it, are there any…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a USE shockpost on my CX bike for many years, its pretty good. Only moves around 25mm, but that really makes a difference.
    Im not sure it’d make much difference on tarmac.

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    Thinking more about this, I reckon you would struggle to give it away.
    I’ve scrapped 2 early 2000’s frames recently, they were advertised as free, a couple of people said they would have them if I posted them, I really cba posting them, so the srapman had them.

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    A late 90’s early 00’s HT?
    Or a newer version?
    I had the 7300 from around 98. Decent bike then, but I think it’d be worth £50 now.

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    Portishead – Dummy
    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon
    The Stranglers – Rattus Norvegicus
    Madonna – American Life
    UFO – Live (still the best live recording I reckon)

  • It’s supposed to be a public service, not a money making enterprise.

    The thing is, very few Public Transport Companies make any money.
    Of the train companies, Thameslink is making a good profit, along with Southern. GWR are doing alright (not massive profits), MML are doing OK, as they have a monopoly. West Coast are only just viable, East C…[Read more]

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    Oh, I’d forgotten about the dead woman, head first at the bottom of the stairs.She’d fallen down the stairs, and either banged her head, or couldnt get up.
    She hadnt been seen for 2 weeks. So she may have been lying there for a lot longer.There was a lot of liquid discharged.The smell was something else. Sprayed with bleach twice after the clean…[Read more]

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    I work in social housing and have seen it all.
    Everything smashed in the house, holes in doors, smashed windows, storage heaters removed and presumably sold on.I had one this week, the tenant said her lights werent working. That was easily found as when you walked in, the 3 gang light switch by the front door had been taken off, and wires were…[Read more]

  • I work in social housing and we have varying types of homeless accomodation.

    I can give you some tales of the people we home. Some good, some very bad.
    Just this week we had a guy just out of prison (no idea what for, we are never told). There is a terraced house with 3 bedrooms,and shared facilities. He was the only one there. He’d been there a…[Read more]

  • If you want to go the budget option, I ordered one on Sunday from ebay, arrived yesterday.
    12 volt, plugs into a cigarette lighter socket, I had planned to buy a motorbike battery, wire a socket to it and use it like that but I reckon the car powering it is the best option for me after CX races.

    Ebay pressure washer.

    Works pretty well, tried it…[Read more]

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    Alani- Sadiq has been a disastrous mayor – running up a deficit of close to £1b on TfL after freezing fares even though TfL told him that to do so would result in capex cuts down the line… BUT I can’t find any reference for the story involving his wife – can you share the source?

    Its the Leicester Mayor, Peter Soulsby.I was told he doesnt l…[Read more]

  • Only 2 pairs of decent shoes.
    3 pairs of casual/ outdoor boots.
    1 pair kilt shoes.
    5 pairs of trainers of differing types/colours.
    2 pairs cycle shoes , (1x Sidi Dominators still going strong from 2002)

    And confession time.probably 40 pairs of flip flops/sandals.
    Yes I know. But I do like them, and do wear them. Anything with straps gets my attention!

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    He is the next door MP to me in Leicester. No-one admits to voting for him, though he must have huge support from the Asian community, why?, I just dont know.
    How he gets any votes at all is beyond me. Rent Boys, corruption, fiddling expenses, offering to buy drugs are just some of the things he has been involved in. He is the Labour version of…[Read more]

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    Sonny Bill looking distinctly ordinary for once, he was clattered whenever he touched the ball.

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    Throwing in a wayward one here. My car started acting strangely, ran great up to 40mph if I accelerated slowly, then it’d almost die, as if there was a throttle limit, just like a limp mode, it wouldnt go over 2500 revs.
    After some head scratching and googling, the best advice was to start at the fuel filter, and, lo and behold, the output pipe…[Read more]

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    Another make to look at is Coyote.
    My GF bought a ‘Gravel Pro’ from them earlier this year. A bargain at the £300 she paid, it was last years model in XS. I paid £650 for my similar spec PX Full Monty.

  • Ive got the PX Full Monty (gravel bike) for CX, and find it pretty good. I cant see the SC being much different apart from a little lighter.

  • We had similar with my brother, though the sums were far lower.
    First wife kicked him out, due to being pi**ed whenever he was off work (Oil rig worker, 2 weeks on, 2 off).
    Was sacked from work, moved back in with Mum and Dad, continued his drunken ways, but amazingly after a couple of years got a new wife who was quite nice. 2 more children in…[Read more]