• Yes, as above, a site Manager course, SMSTS is the most widespread. I thinks it’s 5 day, but anyone with a slight clue should pass it.
    A First Aid qualification would be good, if not mandatory. I’ve just done a 3 day First Aid at Work course. It was the best course I have ever done for work purposes.
    Also being clued up with the typical office…[Read more]

  • A pair of Gipiemme Roccia Disc wheels came with my PX cross bike last August.
    I’ve done 9 races this year. The bike was always cleaned afterwards, and lube applied where necessary.It was never jet washed, I always use a bucket and sponge/brush.
    Yesterday I decided to get them ready to sell as I’ve got some new ones.
    Dont think I’ll bother, they’ll…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Portsmouth Naval Yard in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Yes. I went down 2 years ago just to look at the Submarine in Gosport. Just that was worth it.
    With the full day ticket you can go on the launch that travels between the sites. We had to walk, as only full day payers can get on it in Portsmouth. We had to use the ferry to get across, then walk the mile or so to see the sub. It would have been…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Sram/Shimano cassette in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Choosing parts for your bike is becoming increasingly difficult.
    I recently bought a pair of Mavic Crossride 29er wheels to fit onto my CX bike. Should be a straight fit on.
    But the freewheel wouldnt take the road 11 speed cassette. So I’m back to 10 speed, which isnt a real problem, I’ve just taken the 15T cog out.It is a pain in real life, I…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Norton goes bust in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    The latest news yesterday was an owner went to pick up his (paid for, and delivered befoehand) £44k bike from the factory. It had gone back for a warranty repair on the paintwork.
    What he found was a frame and engine, with a few ancillaries.Everything else had disappeared. The rumour was that the bits had been put onto an incomplete bike to be…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Dry bag recommendations please. in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    As what Qwerty says, Lomo for good solid value kit. It isnt lightweight, or have designer logos, it just works.

  • The Tories had a manifesto commitment not to raise the income tax rate, this would seem like a very sneaky way of getting round that. It effectively increases the % of income tax paid by everyone in the 40% tax bracket. Also a kick in the balls for a generations that have lost final salary pensions and had their retirement kicked into the long…

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  • alanl replied to the topic Talk to me about renewables in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    They may be efficient (ashp), but when the air temp gets below 10 degrees, they are running like mad, with electric costs to match.
    I work for a social housing company, we have a lot of air source, as well as a lot of ground source fitted.
    The ground source are definitely the way to go, if you can dig a hole. The vast bulk of ours are put in by…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic New Labour leader/ direction in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    I think this is the closest we’re going to get to a concensus between us. That was entirely the problem, I don’t think the policies were in themselves problematic as opposed to the way they were packaged and presented.

    The policies were great, Nationalise everything quickly, every family will be £6k better off, water and utilities will be chea…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Body weight vs power vs speed? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Thanks all.
    Yes, it’s my weight, and it is coming off.
    This year is my first back CX racing for 15 years, and I’m finding it really tough.
    I am getting better, and am almost catching someone who was always around 3 minutes faster than me over the race distance, roughly 5% faster.
    I have lost around 5kg now, and really should be weighing 80kg,…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Body weight vs power vs speed? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Thanks all, so around 1 minute over 30km, 64.xx mins vs 63.xx mins, or between 1 and 2 %.

    Not as much as I thought it would be.

  • Could someone answer this for me please?
    If a rider is putting out 300 watts and weighs 90 kg, how much faster would he be (all other factors like hills/aero etc disregarded) if he lost 15% of his body weight?
    Assuming the loss is all fat, and the power output would remain the same.

  • It’s one of the reasons we still have the old converted lorry chassis trains running. They were meant to be decommissioned at the beginning of last year but you still hear them squealing along every day. The new trails are parked up waiting for all the platforms to be re-extended. They do rotate which of the new ones are in use where they fit b…

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  • Don’t forget the conservatives canned the idea of East Coast Mainline electrification

    That was done in the late 80’s/early 90;s.
    Do you mean the MML?
    That has been cut back, so the last 80 miles are not being done in the foreseeable future, though there is hope it will be coming back in Control Period 7, or possibly added on earlier into CP6, w…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Boris Johnson! in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    And on a positive note, the Government passed a Bill last week to give parents whose child (up to 18yo) has died, 2 weeks paid leave.
    I think that is an excellent thing to do, but it got little publicity.
    2 weeks leave for parents

  • As above, it wasnt all the Northern managements fault.
    New trains are being delivered now, slowly, and are at least 6 months late.
    The DfT gave them an awful franchise, and didnt allow investment until fairly recently, they had calculated that there would be no growth in passenger numbers, whereas around 40% more people wanted to use the Northern…[Read more]

  • alanl replied to the topic Neatt (Alltricks) mtb shoes in the forum Bike Forum 4 weeks ago

    Some of those look very like some of the PX ones:
    PX MTB shoes

  • alanl replied to the topic Where to buy 20mm thru axle?? in the forum Bike Forum 4 weeks ago

    I ordered a 20mm QR axle last week.£16.45, though I havent received it yet.
    I’ve just bought some Mavic wheels advertised as ‘QR’ compatible.
    Yes, the back wheel is, it came with skewer and adaptors, but the front came with nothing, it was just the 20mm through axle with no means of securing it.
    The seller said this was because there were…[Read more]

  • A guy I know was ‘smeared’ by the DM around 10 years ago.
    His partner worked for a Law firm who did work for the Conservative party. She/they were invited to a charity fundraising night hosted by George Osbourne at Downing St. They paid £150 each to attend.
    It was the same day that a fall in the economy was announced.

    They were in their hotel…[Read more]

  • The Pyranha Nano mentioned above would be a good choice if you could fit its 224cm in the van.
    They are £300 or less secondhand.
    A playboat for you would cost more, and be a worse experience on flat water. Something like a Wavesport Project X64 would just about fit you, but they really are a right pain paddling flat water.

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