• It is a concern. I’ve been hit by a car while cycling on the road twice. I think your chance of getting hit goes up the more you cycle. I also think it goes up the faster you travel in built up areas.

    The issue then becomes what can you do to reduce the risk. There are many ways to reduce the risk but you will never eliminate it if you are s…[Read more]

  • Was thinking bus fares are expensive. My weekly ticket on the bus is £12:80. I thought bloody hell that will soon mount up. Forgot that I hadn’t filled my T6 for a while, it’s not turned a wheel since 7th December. A fill of that covers about 7 weeks of bus passes.

  • aberdeenlune replied to the topic Vegetarianism Advice in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    “I’m wondering what “going vegetarian” means for someone who has no ethical reason (or similar driver to create a decision whether you should or shouldn’t eat a particular thing). E.g. some cheese is not veggie, many marshmallows, jelly baby type sweets etc contain gelatin, some wines and beers are clarified with isinglass. Worcester sauce and…[Read more]

  • Car culture wow. Have you ever thought of walking. Remember the old saying driving makes you fat and costs you £s. Cycling burns fat and…. costs you £s (well it costs me £s as I keep buying bikes and bike gear. Anyway cut down on your driving start walking to these places and you won’t get hit with these mental parking fines.

    This is from some…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the advice folks. Been looking online at reviews and the Anderson’s videos have been useful. Think I’ve got a front runner the Casio PX-S1000. Has a line out for an amp and is light for carrying to the pub if I’m feeling brave.

  • Impatient waiting for my fractured wrist to heal and advised to avoid gripping with my left hand I am looking for something productive to do. My guitars will be gathering dust for a while. So which electric piano/keyboard should I buy?

    I am a complete beginner. Would like something light, portable with a reasonable sound and a line out so I…[Read more]

  • Yes so easy to do. Yesterday was very icy here and this morning. I almost went on my ass the other day. Doesn’t help that my mad neighbour pours hot water to clear his frozen windscreen. The water that spills on to the drive then turns to a sheet of ice.

    I really don’t want to go down as I’m nursing a recent screw implant in my left wrist which…[Read more]

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    Scottish labour have 1 MP and they tried to get him deselected before the election. Would be a huge turnaround for them to be a political force again.

    I am an ex Labour voter. Voted for them through the Thatcher years up to the Cameron election when I switched to SNP. Not a huge fan of all things SNP so once we are independent I will reassess…[Read more]

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    Exactly, those arguing against a referendum are the anti democracy ones. If the Scottish parliaments votes for a referendum then we should have one. If it’s a no in a 2020 referendum then surely the pro union parties will do well in the 2021 Scottish parliamentary elections and that will be it for a while.

    Use your vote and have an influence on it.

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    I agree the postal votes thing is just a conspiracy theory.

  • Yeah hope it gets all sorted in January and you recover quickly.

    As for morphine it worked brilliantly for me last week. I prefer to just wake up and it’s done. I then have a nice chilled out feeling for ages. Thankfully my normal highs are from exercising not the misuse of narcotics 😎

  • aberdeenlune replied to the topic Scotland Indyref 2 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Some of you guys are misunderstanding this completely. The Scottish Parliament should be able to decide on a referendum. If they want to have one every year they should be able to do that.

    My point was Westminster should not be able to veto that. The Scots should be able to decide their own future.

    All this stuff about once in a generation and…[Read more]

  • aberdeenlune replied to the topic Scotland Indyref 2 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Don’t know why you guys are arguing about this. It’s a simple democratic right of a country to vote on its own future. If the Scottish parliament votes to have a referendum (which it did) then it should have the power to go ahead with that referendum.

    It’s a joke that the Westminster government with 6 MPs in Scotland is saying no. Should be ex…[Read more]

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    I got a refund so all good I think 😎

  • aberdeenlune replied to the topic See Sense lights PSA in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Didn’t know it was for an Oxford experiment when I ordered mine. Could have guessed but I’m not that smart. Anyway I have one en route to Aberdeen. Will give them some alternative info for the colder commutes up here.

    I would send it back if they paid for the postage 🤪

  • So what do you call that injury? Metacarpal joint dislocation or something? Looks awful.

    Just recovering from a screwed scaphoid op last week. Will get a new x ray on Monday to see what the screw looks like. Seemingly the screw took hold well and tightened up nicely.

    I have some meccano in my right hand from snapping two metacarpals a few years…[Read more]

  • I’m doing an experiment on that now. Recovering from ORIF surgery on my left scaphoid last Wednesday. So far no swelling and no pain. Could be my plant based diet although I am still consuming dairy products.

    Only problem is I can’t compare it to recovery on a non plant based diet. Need a similar test case on a carnivore.

  • It had worked for me in the past but you have to put in a reasonable offer not some mad cheeky offer. Recently I sold a nice set of carbon handlebars on there, they cost me £400, the guy offered me £10.

  • Just looking at the loading for this. An electric car charges at around 7kw overnight (average). That’s a 30-36amp load. Street lighting should be wired in 16mm swa, so should be man enough for the job. Just got to watch how many charging points you put in on a circuit. So install a % of new street lighting poles with an EV charging point. G…[Read more]

  • Depends what’s above the leak. If you have an upstairs toilet or shower and the leak is below that then plumber. If not a slater/roofer.

    We had a leak the other week. Roofer came round and had to remove tiles recline a section of roof and replace a valley. Was just wear and tear on a 90 year old building.

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