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  • can you sign someone up for junk mail?
  • fontmoss
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    I feel one of my mates have done this to me 😐

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    Yep, google “request callback” and put his details in a few forms…

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    iDave will be able to answer.

    Be aware that it might be criminal offence to do so, though.

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    yes of course you can.

    Done it to a bloke we intensely disliked a few years back. It got so bad that he was finding it difficult to get in his front door.
    We were getting him videos delivered, vacuum cleaner salesmen were calling round most eveings etc etc.

    Eventually he snapped and accused and verbally abused another bloke he’d fallen out with of doing it and duely got his nose broken. 🙂

    happy days

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    yes you can

    thank you so much to my annoying friends in Zurich for some rather ehem colourful emails

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    Went to a motorshow when I was about 16 and signed my sisters cheating boyfriend up for every promotion they had. Went to another show the next weekend armed with his name and address printed on sticky labels.

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    are you talking about junk email? I started get a load of spam through my hotmail accuont this week – be interested to know if anyone else has suffered, or has a solution. (sorry if this is a thread hijack)

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    actual physical mail rather than email. damn i wonder how they managed it, light hearted banter not hateful this end i should add!

    we also have a tin of spam that gets passed back and forth (well we leave it in each others house) oh the craziness of it all

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    student then :d

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    when was at school we used to do this a lot. send people signing up packs for the army and stuff.

    It all stopped after we sent my mate some 45″ waist slacks on try before you buy and he had to waste over an hour on the phone to get a returns number!!

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    Despite numerous attempts to stop them, my work colleauge mysteriously keeps getting trade mags from Fruit of the Loom, Bravissimo & a Ceptic Tank mfr. 😀

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    This was a good one:

    You could put an email address in, make up the rest of the info, tick all the boxes and shedloads of spam would arrive.
    Not sure if they’ve cleaned up their act these days…

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    yossarian another stw charmer 😐

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