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April 7, 2024 (2 months ago)
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  1. Hi you all !

Been reading this forum since long with not much to say but plenty to learn.

Now i have moved almost full time to the mountains and also do plan a long term all mountain bikepacking trip (more than a year with a route passing by as much mountains as possible around the world).

So i need a new frame, my actual one being too xc for truly enjoying trail/all mountain, and what better choice could i make then looking for a solarismax after trying a friend’s one.

So if by any chance someone here has a solarismax frame in size L i would be super interested ! I don’t mind too much about the generation, color or visual condition as long as it’s structurally good !

Now i do live in france, but ubfortunately here not many people own such frame, so after looking out for a while i come to ask here.

So being able to ship oversea would be awesome but i am also quite often in normandy and paris so i could take the boat or train and come to get it in your beautiful and green country, that’s also a possibility.

(Also if someone has a flaremax in the same size I’d be highly interested too !)

I’m also open to other offers.

Thanks for reading and crossing fingers.

Wishing you all a great evening !


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