Stan’s NoTubes Fat Bike Rims and Carbon Valors

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Lurking in the back of the memory card from this year’s PressCamp was this story about Stan’s new fatbike, gravel and racer-boy rims.

Here’s DeeJay looking bearded and tubeless in the desert


Back in September last year, we brought you a spy shot of an unfinished fat bike (or ‘Plus Size Bike’ to be fair) tubeless-compatible rim from Stan’s NoTubes. The unfinished rim had ‘487g’ Magic Markered onto it, which got the fat bike community very excited. The production ‘Hugo’ rim isn’t quite that light, but it’s still impressive. Interestingly, the Stan’s website quotes weights for 26, 27.5 and 29in rims. Fatbike 27.5ers anyone? Weights are listed as 560g-622g . It also quotes the price as being $695, so who knows?


Just call him Hugo.


52mm wide!
Hugo section
Wide, yet track-pumpable?

 The clever bit about the Hugo, at least when it comes to running it tubeless, is that the tyre bead lives in a channel near the sidewall of the rim, rather than in a central channel. This means that the bead doesn’t have far to travel to seal into place – and Stan’s is confident that you’ll be able to inflate it with a track pump.

Wide pair.


Offset spoke holes.

Of interest to those chunky road bike fans is the new Grail rim. This is a rim that GT asked for for its new gravel-style road bike, though we reckon that it’ll find fans elsewhere too.

The Grail will also run higher pressures than the Iron Cross.
Grail section




Here’s a Stan’s Hugo with a Maxxis Chronicle 29+ tyre.


Fast and smooth.


Stan’s Valor carbon rims are now in production, having been launched last year – offering lighter wheels, but for a $1900 cost. Hopefully we’ll get some in for a try soon.


Comes with an extra ‘U’ sticker for British spelling.



Looks very Valor-y. Geddit?



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    So whats the minimum pressure you can run tyres at on the Hugo’s? Given I run 7-9psi depending on terrain will the tyres retain pressure this low?

    I shall find out for you.

    Like the look of those Maxxis Chronicle tyres too. Hope they’re out before winter.

    Stan’s says: “We’ve tested down to 2psi with a 4in tire which is essentially unrideable but the tire bead remains in position and air tight. Since most will use the Hugo 52 rims for the “Plus” bikes with a 3in or so tire, I would suspect the average user to be in the 10-18psi range. In our somewhat limited experience on a 29+ bike, the sweet spot for most of us was 12-16psi.”

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