• Freeze spray then drag a clean needle around/under the nail cuticle.

    That’s what they did to me in the hospital.

    Might save you a trip, but not necessarily your finger…

  • I really don’t understand how people seem to think that because the UK armed forces were operating against bad people, then they should be excused if they did bad things themselves.

    A very glib answer, and I fully understand that the soldiers on the ground were often operating at the very limits of the RoE, under great stress, and sometimes t…[Read more]

  • seadog101 replied to the topic PSA – ‘OK boomer’ in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Difficult one to explain but I hope this works:

    A colleague was offended when I sounded them out for their attitude.
    Who’s the snowflake?

    Me for not liking people who hold racist sexist homophobic xenophobic attitudes?

    Or the one who is upset because he can’t be nasty about people?

    I’m 50, he’s not yet 30.

  • Hint, if you’re on a 60 or 70 mph speed limit road, then doing 75, or 80, or heaven forbid, even 100 for a couple of hundred yards in a modern car, and where you were previously happy to do say 70 in NOT IN ANY WAY A SIGNIFICANT RISK compared to the risks of having someone tailgate you at “just” 60 mph….

    Well to quote a chum who was Road Traffic…[Read more]

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    Missed out on ArdRock, but was anticipating getting in on ArdMoors.

    But, as they have moved the weekend it’s on I will miss it due to being away at work. Same as last year.

  • Wahoo Tickr for me too. Sorry to use a cliche, but they just work, and very well too.

    ANT+ and Bluetooth makes it very versatile, comfy strap, very low profile, accurate…blah blah blah

  • Well, I think I need to watch this thread.

    Nothing diagnosed yet, but the medic on the ship thinks I may have some sort of meniscal tear. Just some discomfort, nothing that’s causing me any pain. Cyclings OK, rowing machine a little worse, running is alright if I go easy. Oddly, I tried the elliptic machine and that was bad.

    Been like this n…[Read more]

  • seadog101 replied to the topic Winter Boots or what? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Okey dokey, I’ve gone for the socks and overshoes plan. Mainly because I found that Sport Pursuit are knocking out Sealskinz at around half price.

    Mid length socks and Neoprene overshoes, with a fairly open sole for plenty of off pedal grip.

    Not bad at £42 for both.

    Once I’ve been out with them, which won’t be for a few weeks yet, I report back!

  • seadog101 replied to the topic Winter Boots or what? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago


    I don’t ride a huge amount, TBH, so wear and tear on my kit is relatively light. Rides are up in the Pennines, so reasonably chilly, and often wet, with occasional muddy boggy bit to deal with.

    Normally using SPD’s, but might switch to flats for trail centre stuff

  • seadog101 started the topic Winter Boots or what? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    What’s the consensus?

    Without spending mad amounts of money, should I get some proper winter riding boots, or do with good waterproof socks and, possibly, overshoes too?

    I don’t find cold feet such a problem, and a getting a bit wet has never bothered me. Also I find my shoes that I use are just right and very comfortable.

    I’m of the mind…[Read more]

  • seadog101 replied to the topic Dublin Murders in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    I gave up on it.

    Couldn’t stand the overly clichéd references that it was set a few years ago (loads of smoking, bully boss, coppers having a whiskey at the drop of a hat…yawn).

    And the acting was a bit rubbish, and the dialogue clunky.

    Shame, as the story and plot was interesting.

  • seadog101 replied to the topic Heart rate strap gel? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Suunto and magellan ones were bad. Wahoo never needs wetting. I guess design is more important?

  • seadog101 replied to the topic Nicest steel ride? in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Nobody mentioned Pace yet?

    My RC127 Boost is spot on, 140mm Sektors and 2.25 tyres (which seem much bigger).

  • seadog101 replied to the topic GPX route editor in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Viewranger here too.

    The interface could be a wee bit more user friendly, but a very good app.

    I like the way I can have credit for the map tiles, and just download small sections at a time.

  • Call me disgusting, but mine went on fine with a pipe wrench and a guess at tightness…

    One day such laziness will come to haunt me in the style of a knackered BB in the middle of the moors.

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    Buddy of mine did some laps in a Nascar at Daytona. A must not be missed apparently, give you a good appreciation of the thuggish speed and next to no control of those things.

  • Zaskar LE. In shiny metal.

  • I managed a pretty good slab:
    Oats/butter/golden caster sugar in a 2/1/1 ratio, with a desert spoon of golden syrup for each 100grms of oats.

    Put the oats, sugar, syrup in a bowl, melt butter and mix it all together. Line a tray with paper and pour in the mixture. Make sure it makes an even layer right to the edges, and squish it flat.

    Bake at…[Read more]

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    OK, simple one this.

    The standard felt on the shed is at the end of its life. Time to do some reroofing.

    Do I:

  • Just cover it up with new felt?
    Rip off old felt and replace with new?
    Do something more interesting ?
  • Wouldn’t be a proper holiday if you didn’t…

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