RedBull Hardline – Bigger In Real Life, But Is It Worth The Effort?

What’s it like to be at RedBull Hardline? Should you make the trip to Wales, or stay home and watch on TV? James finds out. RedBull Hardline 2019 2.11pm, Saturday 14 September 2019. A pack of four sparrowhawks circle ominously in the sky, while butterflies drift lazily between the Dirty Ferns down below. The muted hum of the A470 rumbles on in the distance, and grasshoppers chirp away merrily, the bucolic calm punctuated only by the occasional blast of an impatient trumpet or the clang of a battered rim. Qualifying officially started 11 minutes ago, and so far nothing much … Continue reading RedBull Hardline – Bigger In Real Life, But Is It Worth The Effort?

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