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Timber! Bell V3
Be one of the first kids on your block to get the newly  redesigned TIMBER 3.0, featuring:

  • Improved strength and durability
  • A narrower profile
  • Smoother shifting  between ring modes
  • Grippier quick-release mount

The fastest bike is the bike with a bell on – especially when you have walkers, kids, and zig zag towpath wanderers full of the local scrumpy blocking your way.

What makes the Timber Bell the best is that you turn it on as you approach your human trail obstruction, and they get a constant ting-a-ling that they can hear from hundreds of metres away. You get to keep your hands where you need them: on the bars, covering the brakes. You then turn it off again once the trail is clear. It’s operated from a neat lever, a little like a dropper post lever, so if can’t afford a dropper post but want half the look… you have it here in this bell. You could try the polite “excuse me” or the squealing brakes technique… but you can’t beat the polite timber bell for easing your passage.

Available in two variation: the clamp on, and the band on. The band on is very handy if you have several bikes and want to move the bell between bike.

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Timber bell tell us…

The original mountain bike-specific bell. Timber Bell is unlike any other bell. It is naturally silent until you drop the switch and release the clapper. Then the familiar sound of a bicycle bell automatically sounds with the motion of the trail. No longer needed? No problem, just switch it off again.

What’s the point? Tension on shared-used trails between bikers and hikers or horse riders is something we have all experienced. If you haven’t noticed the frustration towards you as a cyclist from other trail users at times, then this product isn’t for you! If you care about alerting other trail users and building positive relationships then click ‘Buy’.

Band-On: Flexibility of mounting location like your stem, 35mm handlebars or any other purpose. The rubber band means switching it from bike-to-bike, is easy! Not ideal for positioning near your brake levers where the handlebar is narrower (22.2mm). You should check out the Bolt-On model for that.

Bolt-On: Now updated with a new, slimmer clamp and lever so it fits into tighter spaces! This is the model you want to position on the narrower part of your handlebars (22.2mm) around your brake levers. It will also fit anywhere on your handlebars (up to 31.8mm) with a 3mm Allen key.

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Weight 0.082 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 4.0 × 5.0 cm

Band-On, Bolt-On

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  1. arrowsc

    arrowsc (verified owner)

    Great product. Its cheerful tinkle alerts, but doesn’t alarm. Some walkers even smile

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