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When I was “the Bikemonger” I sent out well over half a million bike stickers to the weird cycling world. I would mention a half baked idea to “Gil the Sticky Man”, and a few day later a box of stickers would arrive. Many of these “creative sessions” were in a pub garden, and the stickers that arrived would often be utterly unusable. For example, who can you give a “Stump ****er” sticker to, without either upsetting the recipient, or corporate lawyers?

Please note: The actual text of the stickers varies over time, drifting upon the breeze that is our whims.


  • At least 8x Stickers
  • 2x STW bumper stickers, one car sized, one toptube sized.
  • 6x black 10.5cm long stickers as shown in the picture.

You can either buy the sticker wad here, but I will also be adding a sticker to every merch order.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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