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When I was “the Bikemonger” I sent out well over half a million bike stickers to the weird cycling world. I would mention a half baked idea to “Gil the Sticky Man”, and a few day later a box of stickers would arrive. Many of these “creative sessions” were in a pub garden, and the stickers that arrived would often be utterly unusable. For example, who can you give a “Stump ****er” sticker to, without either upsetting the recipient, or corporate lawyers?


  • At least 8x Stickers
  • 2x STW bumper stickers, one car sized, one toptube sized.
  • 1x “Maturity is an overreaction to reality”. Don’t forget we are really just playing on bikes.
  • 1x “What tyres for not riding much?”. Scientists have discovered that not riding much is one of the most popular types of cycling, you will need the right tyres for that.
  • 1x “Stickers suck”. Why would you want to indulge in this childish sticky nonsense?
  • 1x “Bad Decisions Make Great Stories”. Who wants to read about any easy ride that goes to plan. Give me the article where the guy cocks up and has to shelter inside a dead moose.
  • 1x  “Not jumpy – Not Grumpy”. Aim low, have low expectations and get low level air, and you will always be happy.
  • 1x “Never go full roadie”. You know its OK to ride other bikes, just so long as you don’t forget its about having fun.
  • The black ones are about 10.5cm long.

You can either buy the sticker wad here, but I will also be adding a sticker to every merch order.

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