Singletrack French Navy Ribbed Beanie Hat


Fashionable navy flecked ribbed beanie woolly hat from Singletrack World mountainbike magazine

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Big hair is great for keeping your head warm. But sometimes you need to go to the barbers and get a haircut, Barbers… you have to take your hat off to them. (Otherwise you end up with holes in your new beanie*)

This french navy ribbed beanie hat is similar to the “commando” style, but slightly taller, and much groovier with irresistible subtle flecking in the “look what my gran made me” style. Making it ideal for the fashion-conscious free-thinking right on grandma loving saboteur around town.

It’s warm, it’s really hatty, the colour is “French Navy” and rather charming, and it’s also ribbed for your high fashion pleasures.

Technical Specs:

  • 100% Hatty (comprising of: 52% Acrylic, 48% Polyester)
  • “French Navy” colour
  • Singletrack cog woven tag
  • Turned up brim
  • Turbo fashioned
  • Ribbed
  • One size really does fit all. If you have a tiny head it will fit, it may fit badly, but it will fit. However, you would need a head with a circumference smaller than a 140mm disc rotor for it to be a problem. And we all know that 140mm is too small.
  • Care instruction: Don’t worry about caring for this hat. It’s just gonna care for you. Simply respect and repay the love this hat gives you. Would you boil yourself? Then don’t boil this hat. Would you iron your face? See how this works… repay the hat love.


* This is my job. I actually write this nonsense. I could have been a Doctor, or a super star 1980s BMX racer… but now I sit at a desk at Singletrack towers, trying to write something creative about a woolly hat, and then walk home through the flooded northern valleys with my head hanging in writers’ shame. Charlie.

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Dimensions23 × 17 × 6 cm


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