Singletrack Electric Lime Corkscrew Pom Pom Hat


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Checkout the new Singletrack Hyper Localised Personal Insulation System. Perfect, for now is the winter of disco-tents and/or discontent. You choose.

Our new Singletrack Pom Pom Hat is super snug and warm. It has a chunky cable knit construction and a cuddly fleecy headband. If we asked scientists, they might tell us that the deep headband helps prevent winter seeping into your ears, and therefore reduces the possibility of winter infecting your brain with chilly negative vibes.

The colour is “Electric Lime”, because everything is electric now: bikes, dropper posts, mechs and even power meter pedals! All this in a world where electricity has never been more expensive (hat batteries not included, or required), and power blackouts are a possibility.

The safety bobble tops off the singletrack pom pom hat. The bobble not only adds timeless class, but also provides protection too. You see, the bobbles were adopted by the Navy for use below decks. Your bobble detects the low ceiling before you clout your noggin on it. In many ways they could be considered as a very primitive MIPS helmet. Check that out – You just learnt something. Everyday is a school day.


  • Electric Lime colour
  • 100% Soft-Spun Acrylic
  • Cuffed design for optimal decoration
  • Heavyweight multi yarn cable knit design
  • Luxurious shearling thermal band for extra warmth
  • Luxury pom pom
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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 28 × 20 × 4 cm


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