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This stunning cap plugs the hole into the underside of your tapered steerer tube, not only stopping mud and grime from filling the tube, but also allowing you to use your steerer tube as an extra storage space, like a secret stash spot to keep your cash, patches or anything else you can fit in there.

The steerer tube on modern mountain bikes is quite wide and can hold quite a bit if you think long and round. So go on, grab a Fork Cork and see what you can store in there, it will be your secret, no one will be the wiser just where you pulled that one out from…

The Fork Cork is an anodised aluminium plug for tapered fork steerers creating a secret stash spot for tools, money, sweets, in fact, anything thin enough to go up there, takes advantage of an unused place on your bike and also plugs up the bottom of the fork, a known mud trap.

  • Easy thumb screw dial to tighten to plug the fork.
  • Work with almost any tapered fork steerer tube.
  • Wrap your stuff in an old innertube to prevent rattle.
  • Colour is all Black
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