Magic Beans

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Don’t buy these unless we ask you to. You see, this is just a way for us to adjust an order, collect an extra fiver or whatever for special requests and work-arounds.

They are not real, and you wont receive magic beans or even unmagical beans.

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2 reviews for Magic Beans

  1. Woo (verified owner)

    My grandson Jack got 5 of these in exchange for our cow. Marie was not happy and threw them into the garden. The next day a huge beanstalk had grown, and Jack climbed it. Or may be it is a fairy story.

  2. Woo (verified owner)

    We sold another cow and got more beans. This time the beanstalk was even bigger. Jack climbed hoping to find a goose laying golden eggs but instead came upon a hairy giant who said Fee Fi Fo Fum and showed him wonderful shiny things.

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