Keift Racing Bicycle Hip Flask Cage


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Kieft Racing is born out of vintage motorsport, however owner James is also a keen pubpacker, a bit like bikepacking but he likes to retire mid-jaunt to carbo load on traditional sports drinks such as Gin and Tonic. And rum. And whisky 🙂

Keift Racing has conducted countless hours of research regarding sports drinks in relation to the engineering principles of strength to weight ratios. James’s conclusions were very conclusive, and would no doubt be supported by experts: Per gram, Whisky is indeed stronger than water.

This impeccably cool accessory even comes with an “expedition contingency plan”. You see, should your adventure go frightfully wrong, and you run out of Gin, and you are forced to slum it on the local bottled cider, there is a neat integral bottle opener to save not only the day, but also your reputation.

Made in Dorset, England, and designed to carry the commonly found 6oz hip flask (not included), such as this inspirational one or perhaps this desperation one!

x2 mounting bolts are included. You’re most welcome!

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Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 4.0 × 17.0 cm


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