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The ‘C’ word

Of course, this is the Christmas edition, so make sure you use the free 2020 calendar to get yourself organised, plan your holidays and get to all the best MTB events of the year. It even shows you which nights will have a full moon for superior night riding fun!

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for that hard to please rider in your life? Well, order them a gift ‘sub in a box’ today, and you’ll get a copy of Issue 128 delivered, nicely packaged, so you can gift it and a whole year of Singletrack to your difficult friend.

And what will they be reading to get them through their Christmas digestive regime? Here’s what we have in store for all our lucky readers this winter…

International Adventure: Revelstoked

James Vincent skips the usual McRiding of the Canadian bike parks to take on a real mountain with the locals in Revelstoke. A three hour hike up, but a solid hour of magical descending from the top. Get beyond Whistler’s bike parks and get wild!

UK Adventure: Ochils the Noo

Just outside the city.

Sanny heads to Stirling and the Ochil Hills. Is this where the perfect blend of city life and mountain wilderness is to be found?

Column: Jason Miles

Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Don’t be like that goose. Jason suggests that you take some steps to avoid goose impersonation.

Classic Ride: All Weather Lake District

Chipps takes us on a weatherproof tour of the Lake District. Start in Grizedale, but miss out the manmade stuff and head onto the hills for this all-weather, low level Lakeland classic.

Tech: When Did It All Get Good?

Barney Marsh rifles through the archives of suspension technology and examines why – and when it all got good – just about when Singletrack was launched it seems. But is suspension perfected yet? Of course not…

Editors’ Choice 2019

We bring you the highlights of the past year. The staff favourite products, events, locations and more – these are the things we’d spend our own money on getting to experience.

Still Going: Lucky Shorts

Vicky Chapman doesn’t care if she looks scruffy when she’s feeling lucky.

Pete’s Pros: Jamie Nicholl

Pete Scullion catches up with Santa Cruz sponsored professional adventurer Jamie Nicholl. Is it an enviable life of Insta-perfect influencing, or is there a more gruelling side to #adventurelife?

Bike Test: Bling Bikes

What do you get if money is no object and you opt for boutique carbon with bells and whistles? Chipps goes riding with a security detail to test out three bikes from Hope, Intense and Yeti – companies that don’t bother doing alloy.

International Adventure: Davos On The Cheap

Pete Scullion goes to the millionaire’s playground in the Swiss Alps – except that he’s a bike bum on a budget. Will he survive? Will they ask him to leave quietly?

How much for a pint of milk?
Bottled water was cheap.

International Adventure: Greek Highland Hopping

Amanda eschews tourist islands and azure seas for Greece’s industrial north in the shadow of Mount Olympus.

Greek gods?

The Cover


This issue’s cover is by Justa Jeskova. Any guesses where it was taken? You’ll find out inside the issue. And did we mention the free 2020 calendar?

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