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Here is 115!

With summer a distant memory, our tans fading and the waterproof shorts emerging (ok, we admit, we never quite got round to putting them away), we’re prepared to admit that it’s autumn. Don’t get down about it though, as that means it’s time for another issue of Singletrack, and the cover is sure to have you looking on the bright side 🙂

Within – Singletrack Issue #115

  • Trailhunter – Tom Fenton continues his search for the very best trails, and finds that Dartmoor might just have them.

trail hunter, tom fenton, dartmoor

  • Classic Ride – Sanny takes us on a tour of the Merrick in Scotland, where there are great views to be had… if you get the weather.

sanny, issue 115, merrick, scotland, classic ride

  • Grouptest – Wil puts eight sets of top trail brakes to the test – which four will make his pick of the bunch?

  • Bike Test –  Better known for their carbon models, Barney tests out three alloy bikes from Norco, Santa Cruz and YT.

  • Finnish Epic – 100 years after its independence, Hannah goes to Finland in search of fat-bike fun. Luckily all the bears are sleeping, and the moose are on her plate.

hannah dobson, issue 115, finland, fat bike

  • 100 years later – Nathan Hughes and Steffi Marth go on a tour of the Italian/Swiss border, where the remains of WWI fortifications can be found.


  • ST Recommended – We bring you the products that are so good, we’d spend our own money on them.
  • Oddball – we love bikes, but we love other things too. This issue, it’s knives. It’s just as well we love each other in the office.
  • Kit Bag – We take a peek inside the tool box of Ray Waxham, Trek’s enduro race mechanic. What does it take to keep the wheels of champions racing?
  • Room 101 – Charlie dispenses justice for your complaints. This issue he has a couple of celebrity submitters in the form of our own editor, Chipps and a pioneer of mountain biking: Charlie Kelly.
  • Jason Miles – Jason passes on his wisdom after years of racing as a top-level amateur endurance racer.

& inside the Subscriber Section –

If you’re a subscriber, buy your copy from our shop, or pick up Singletrack from one of our Premier Dealers, you’ll get the extra-length Premier Edition of our magazine, which this issue also includes the following features:

Arizona –

Charlie The Bikemonger goes on holiday where life is simpler and the trails are paved with cactus spines.

Escaping the Bike Parks –

Anthony Pease avoids the French bike parks and heads off for a hut to hut trip in the Alps.

Whistler for Mortals –

In this area better known for its technicality, Sanny discovers there are trails for those who prefer to keep their wheels on the ground.

Last word –

A ponder on the transient world of the mountain bike enthusiast.






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