Fat Tire Flyer Signed Repack Poster SET OF 4

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Fat Tire Flyer Signed Repack Poster No4

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Here we have a set of all four Repack posters, and a nice bundle price with a tenner off.

Where did mountain biking start? Right about here is the answer, with the “Repack” race

It started innocuously enough. A motorcyclist turned bikie discovered the old dirt road west of Fairfax, Marin County, in the early ‘70s. He and his buddies would ride or push their 1930s or ‘40s ballooners to the top of the ridge for the downhill thrill. The road plummeted 1300 feet in less than 2.1 miles. On the twisting, sometimes precipitous decent, the bikes’ antiquated hub coaster brakes would get so hot that the grease would vaporize. After a run or two, the hub had to be repacked with new grease (thus the term “Repack”).

Repack Road had been a popular downhill for a couple or three years, but whenever you get a bunch of competitive types together, someone is going to claim they are the fastest. And eventually people will want proof. With Alan Bonds’ encouragement, Fred Wolf and Charlie Kelly founded Repack, the race. They decided on a time-trial format, got a Navy chronometer and an alarm clock, set a date and spread the word locally.” Joe Breeze, (Find out more about Repack history here)

The posters promoting the Repack really capture the spirit of the pioneering days of our sport. They are also really rather groovy.  And now you have have a small bit of mountain biking history for your home.

The poster is hand signed by Charlie Kelly, each poster measures 28 cm x 43 cm

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