Fat Tire Flyer Issue 1 Signed by Charlie Kelly


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This is the very first mountain bike magazine. Charlie Kelly explains that he thought that now they had a scene they needed a newsletter, but he made the mistake of printing “issue 1” on it, so had to make another, and then another.

This is made exactly the same way as the original, by exactly the same guy (Charlie Kelly), using the same printing process (a photocopier). It’s as original as it can possibly be, but is technically a repro.

So, this is where it all started. Without this newsletter/magazine maybe the scene would not of stuck around, maybe it would of lost momentum, and maybe mountain biking would of faded away. Maybe now you might be into Frisbee golf instead! Whilst this is packing colossal retro credentials, it is also only packing 12 A5 pages.

Charlie has signed and numbered each one. And you also get a neat covering letter explaining how it all went down. It’s a glimpse into our genesis, the birth of the mountain bike magazine, and certainly a keeper.

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