Bum Butter Small Knob And Big One Bundle


Small handy 10g “knob” of Bum Butter, refillable from the big 100g tub.

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Charlie says…. 

Our handy little knobs of Bum Butter are just the ticket for a couple of days in the saddle. The 10g size is super convenient to pop in your pocket for mid ride application. They are often kept in handbags and used as lip balm.

What’s more you can top up the small knob from your big tub.

This is a wonderful locally produced vegan chamois balm / bum butter. It’s a healthy and natural alternative to the nasty petrochemical based products that cyclist have been stuck with for decades. It can also be used as an “after-sun” if you are sunburnt, great on shaving rashes etc, and also as a lip balm – but please don’t double dip!

  • 100g big tub + 10g small knob
  • Slap some on your undercarriage for a happier Bottom whilst cycling.
  • Natural vegan ingredients – no nasty petrochemicals.
  • Antiseptic and anesthetic.
  • Also great as a lip balm, BUT DON’T DOUBLE DIP.
  • Used by cyclists, surfers, runners, climbers, triathletes, wild swimmers and sweaty chefs.
  • Made in the UK.
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Additional information

Weight .199 kg
Dimensions 9 × 12 × 5 cm


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