Beate Kubitz Classic Ride Print #74 Pennine Bridleway


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A classic picture, from our Classic Ride feature, mounted and ready to be framed.

  • Pennine Bridleway In The Snow
  • Limited edition giclée print
  • Print size: TBC… 18 x 16cm
  • Mounted: TBC… 29.5 x 28cm

Chipps and I rode the Pennine Bridleway route in May, and it was all going so well until, as we started on the final climb to the final pass, it started to snow. It went from a few pinball fragments to 50p sized flakes in a couple of minutes, and soon we were finger tip searching for the path. The picture of me trudging up the climb was at the height of the blizzard and I have tried to capture the sudden closing in of the weather. Chipps took his gloves off to take pictures and his hands got so cold on the bars on the way back down the other side. But as we reached the bottom of the descent and looked back, the cloud cleared and a snowy peak gleamed above us in evening sunshine. We were probably in the worst of the storm for only a few minutes, yet they seemed like an eternity.” Beate Kubitz

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 5 cm


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