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    Off topic ish – but does anyone know if the ‘new’ ribbed Type 4 chainstay protector will fit on a Hightower LT?

  • I’ve had a couple of Fives and now on a Hightower LT – 2012 Five was pretty much the perfect trail bike (IMO), 2017 Five (which went the long/low/slack route) I found a bit wallowy, heavy/dead feeling and just couldn’t really get on with it, and that was after much time spend messing with Shockwiz. THe Hightower suits me better for an all day…[Read more]

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    Guess you’ve got most of it covered but, Santa Barbara – we went horse riding at sunset along the beach / in the ocean – I’m not a horse rider, and had no interest in doing it, it was something my wife wanted to do…but trust me, so memorable, way cooler than it sounds!

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    Don’t SC pay his expenses for traveling to world cups?

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    I don’t hjink so – I know Mudhugger send him a few quid but he’s open about that and shows them as a sponser – i the main it’s this for funding him….People contribute to his travel etc here


    looking forward to t…

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