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    So just to clarify. The world mapping I bought a year or so ago and was supposed to be life long doesn’t work anymore. Or have I misunderstood?

    The world mapping still works, as does the ability to use it offline, plus all the features that Komoot offered up until a few weeks ago.

    The new subscription is for new features that add to the e…[Read more]

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    The subscription service is separate though from the existing mapping packages. I have it and use it on Garmin for navigation but wouldnt feel the need to pay for the subscription elements (multi-day planning, activity specific mapping etc.). The biggest downside for me is that its not that easy to manually plan a route (it wants you to put point…[Read more]

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    Alternative opinion alert!!

    A friend of mine ordered a helmet and light. Arrived two days later no problem.

    I ordered one – changed my mind overnight (dont really need another helmet or a light!) – live chat answered in about 2 minutes (on a Monday morning) and cancelled it no problems with the refund showing the next day.

    They may not be…[Read more]

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    Tarp and bivvy for me (actually usually tarp and hammock if I know for sure there will be trees around).

    The bivvy isn’t always necessary but it’s a thin one that packs down tennis ball sized so no harm done in my mind. As for poles I use whatever I can find (bike, wheels, fence/trees, sticks).

  • I would love to use my LBS except it’s basically a store front for Giant and stock almost nothing else (nor do they seem keen to order stuff for you). Other shops are more than an hours round trip and more often than not don’t have what you want anyway.

    If the LBS needs to order something then I’m quicker, cheaper and easier to order it mysel…[Read more]

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    A few GTs from the mid-90’s – Zaskar, LTS, STS.

    Klein Mantra (the one without a downtube)

    Orange Patriot

    But as others have said they are likely all horrible to ride compared to almost anything modern.

  • Recent searching for a new jersey got me thinking – how co-ordinated, or otherwise, are the general STW population when on the bike?

    Are we talking matching gloves to helmet? All black? Neon green shorts with orange top, baby blue helmet and pink gloves? Anything as long as its branded the same as your bike? Whats the consensus on how much is too…[Read more]