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    Ep 3 got that bad I zoned out completely and had to rewind the it when the credits rolled, convinced I had missed something

  • It’s what I do.

    The main thing for my role is making sure ‘improvements’ are based on actual data and not just the whims of someone in the operation. Almost every company I’ve worked in has suffered from people that think they know what is wrong and what will fix it. Usually they are wrong.

    A good one will be able to identify root cause, define…[Read more]

  • Looking at the same thing – getting a 10spd MTB cassette on the road/CX bike. My understanding is any MTB 9spd mech will work (inc. Altus/Acera etc.).

    What is the true difference in Shimano groupset quality? Is Altus or Deore just as good at shifting (all other things being equal) as an XT but heavier? Or is there a difference in shift quality also?

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    Stick with the Garmin for your use case (or upgrade to a newer Fenix).

    Apple Watch is a great smartwatch for day to day life but battery and lack of features (or using multiple apps) will quickly make bike touring/navigating etc. a real pain.

    Or…get the Apple Watch for a daily wear and keep the Fenix for longer rides.

  • I gave up – simply not worth it any more now the chinese lights are so good

    That’s pretty much where my head went. About all I would do these days is adapting lights to take bigger battery packs.

  • Tow bar all the way. Easier to fit, easier to load, no impact on fuel economy or parking. Keeps the roof clear for using a roof box as well if you decide to go camping or the like.

    Just a thought though – how about just a strap on rack (a better quality one like the Saris) until you know for sure if she is going to keep riding? Tow bar, electrics…[Read more]

  • I ‘rode’ large parts of it years ago on a Giant Reign (the original, much burlier version, with Fox 36 forks). There was still hike a bike, but as others said it was primarily pushing rather than carrying. The bike was fine, if a bit slow on the better surfaced sections. Based on that I would say the Vitus would be just fine as its almost…[Read more]

  • Oh and South Beach area of Blyth but the town itself is a shit hole and the schools have some interesting pupils.

    Very much depends on the school but yeah that pretty much sums it up! If you are in South Beach or South Shore and the kids get into the local primary then it’s great. The other schools not so much, and if they fed into the ‘other’…[Read more]

  • Cycle commute really depends on what you mean by ‘just North of Newcastle’ for work! I agree with others though – avoid having to cross the river if you can. I go North to South on days I go to the office and its not too bad but coming back each night is awful.

    A cycle from Blyth or Cramlington is perfectly reasonable if you are working outside…[Read more]

  • Blyth might fit the bill if you stick to the new estates by the beach. The town centre isnt up to much but the schools are good, beach is nice, prices are very reasonable.

  • I read about using flashing but a few folks said it ponged a bit, what with the bitumen.

    Have you found that?

    Can’t say I noticed any smell whatsoever. Certainly not once it I installed insulation, boards, carpet etc. It did make a huge difference in road noise (I drove it for a few days without a bulkhead and fully stripped out – could barely…[Read more]

  • So what’re you putting on the CX bike then?

    RRs see me through all year in Cardiff, on that bike. Because I’m usually riding something with a surface, because it’s not mud slogging MTBing.

    Reading back I perhaps wasn’t clear. My thinking now is to keep the MTB setup for natural trails, including the boggy, muddy ones we get a lot of up here,…[Read more]

  • Racing Ralph 2.3s are not draggy on my rigid 29er. I hold road PRs on it. Hand position is sorted with a high sweep bars and ergon grips with the stubby ends. No place I’d rather sit and pedal all day.

    That’s true but it’s still a tyre change and a change of grips if not bars from the MTB setup to ride my usual stuff. There’s no way Racing…[Read more]

  • Food for thought all of this.

    The MTB won’t be going rigid – it’s my go-to outside of trail centres (natural Northumberland riding). I guess the problem with longer ‘gravel’ days is the draggy tyres and fixed hand position. Then again I don’t fancy swapping tyres and bars regularly.

    The CX sits in the garage doing nothing so maybe a cheap set…[Read more]

  • Just a note for anyone reading this and planning their own – I used adhesive flashing instead of the ‘proper’ sound deadening stuff on my van. Worked a treat and cost a lot less (under a tenner from memory).

  • Longer darker nights have got me doing the inevitable and planning routes that go way beyond the available 6 hours of daylight for the next few months. This has led to the thoughts of a ‘gravel’ bike (you know – those things that existed for the last 30 years but nobody in marketing had given them a label them yet).

    Looking at what I have, I now…[Read more]

  • Never been to Paris but have done WDW in Orlando.

    Some of the best advice above is to relax, dont stress about it once you are there, and have a plan – but we willing to change it on the fly!

    Character breakfasts are great for the kids. Some restaurants if you time it right you get breakfast but it changes to lunch whilst you are there so you…[Read more]

  • Balvenie Double Wood
    Dalwhinnie 15

    Any of those would go down well. Aberfeldy 12 is decent as well and I believe on offer at Tesco at the moment (at least it was last week).

  • How much are you looking to spend? The SJ4000 isn’t that expensive and a refurbished GoPro (maybe a Session 5) wouldnt be that much more.

    A lot of the less well known/unbranded ones on Amazon and eBay can be fairly poor. I would avoid unless someone can tell you exactly which one they bought and from which seller to make sure you get the same thing.

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    Chopwell, though – none of that Hamsterley nonsense.


    And free parking…

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