• Had a 2017 Five for two years and it’s the most fun and versatile bike I’ve owned in 25 years’ riding. The fastest too. I went Factory spec and the 36s really work well on it, plus the Float X shock: just adds a bit of big hit capability for the roughest trails, for a small weight penalty. The bike’s been reliable too. I ride Pennines and…[Read more]

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    http://www.bikeverbier.com Loads on this forum are very happy guests of theirs, me included (full disclosure – I know them and worked for them years back). Amazing trails and terrain, mint chalet, perfect hosts. They don’t guide themselves now, but they can sort all that for you.

  • Cheers for these, I reckon we’ll give it a go.

  • Anyone know if Stainburn is worth a visit at the moment? Are the trails (official and cheeky) still there and still rideable? Not been for a couple of years and I’ve seen pictures which suggest there’s been loads of tree felling. Thanks for any info and tips.

  • Ha…I snoozed, I losed. Cheers anyway, Bill. I’ll check that Duracell one tho. Thanks everyone.

  • Anyone know which decent spare battery to buy for my Sony RX100: one that won’t break the bank or my camera? Sony originals are £40, or half that from a dodgy-looking website called ibattery (anyone used it?). Ta for any tips.

  • Simons – Magsafe 2 I need, but cheers anyway. Think I’ll just buy an apple one. Self-employed so it’ll go through the business to save me some dosh.

  • Need a new power cord for my MacBook Pro. A whopping £80 from Apple for their official one but are the fake ones any good and can anyone recommend where/what to buy? Ta for any tips.

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    Whichever Orange fits the bill best.

  • Not very fashionable (because it’s not an Evoc) but I’m very happy with my new Osprey Raptor 14 litre for big days out. I ordered an Evoc originally and sent it back coz it was massive, heavy, and I wasn’t convinced my helmet wouldn’t hit it on very steep downhills. Some folk love them though. Osprey has no back protector and the magnet on the…[Read more]

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    Drac – afraid so. Bonkers isn’t it. Hope all’s well with you.

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    Just for the sake of transparency: Phil and Lucy are good friends of mine and I guided for them for a season back in 2004. They’ve stopped guiding themselves now but I’d bet my last dollar that any local guides they recommend will be brilliant. The food, chalet, service and everything else is top-notch with Bike Verbier too – there’s a reason…[Read more]

  • Brilliant, thanks for these replies. I’ll investigate the above and buy a Chromecast thingy if necessary. I bought the telly more for its decent picture so not massively bothered if I need to shell out a bit for the smart thing – it wasn’t high on my priority list. Thanks all. Much appreciated.

  • Cheers, folk. Got a TV licence, thanks. TV and router are close, no walls, no kids downloading stuff, broadband is fast for everything else, and Netflix works fine. Just iPlayer playing silly b*ggers. Been trying to watch episode three of Spiral for the last three nights, giving up after 20 mins of “something went wrong…” or just returning to…[Read more]

  • Can anyone help me work out why ipLayer is so temperamental on our telly? Panasonic Viera smart TV with Plusnet wi-fi internet (which works fine on our devices) and 9 times out of 10 we can’t connect to watch stuff. Connection drops while loading. Any tips or knowledge gratefully received. Ta!

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    The bamboo stuff from the brand BAM. Base layers any good – in the real world – for riding/hiking? Is it a bit like merino in terms of properties? Ta for any info.

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    Yes, it was a lot of kit. We were out of season tho so had a tent, 3-season bags, big down jacket, some booze etc. Not exactly travelling light – I won’t be doing it again.

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    Cheers folk, useful stuff. I’ve already got the lightweight camping kit as I’ve done plenty of wild camping and a bit of bike-packing too, just never had the proper bags (used a 45L rucksack before and it wasn’t ideal coming down trails like Warnscale!).

    Stu – cheers for this, will defo PM you in a day or two. Defo interested as second-hand…[Read more]

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    Can anyone recommend some bike-packing gear/brands for someone on a budget? And which bits are best in order of priority – bar bags, frame bags, seat post bags etc? I want the best kit available for the lowest price (doesn’t everyone, I know). Needs to be good for UK weather and using on rough trails, but I won’t be using it loads so it doesn’t…[Read more]

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    Can’t comment on the Soul but my P7 27.5 is mint – fast, fun and plenty comfy with 2.4 Maxxis tyres fitted.

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