• Kryton – right now I am ashamed to have a uk passport and if I could have a differnt one I would in a heartbeat.

    disgusting racist government, PM and policies, disgusting lack of care for the poor, the old, this disabled.

    Institutional bias and lies accepted as the truth, completely dysfunctional parliament

    I loathe what the UK has become a…

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  • Cheers for the tip. Don’t need any more but appears I now have some extras being delivered

  • I’ve just picked up a Worx hydra shot to keep in my van with an old adblue 10 litre container filled with water and it works an absolute treat. Nicely made, really surprisingly powerful and in theory will do my bike 4-5 times per charge. Nice to be able to get home with the bike already clean and not having to open up gates, drag pressure washer…[Read more]

  • winrya replied to the topic A new low – Tumble driers in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Our vented dryer that lives in the garage (electric shutter so would just raise it a couple of inches when on) died last Thursday.

    Did a little research and decided to try a heat pump. A little more expensive, but uses a third of the electricity of the vented or condensor dryers. (£33 compared to £105 average per year or so I read)

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