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    Having bought a gravel bike last year to replace a Caadx and Caad12 I think I would instead now ask the question “road bikes, why?” With quick wheel or tyre swap they’re transformed from a useful commuter to as good a road bike as anyone would ever need, unless you’re a serious racer of course. Generally all bikes are good aren’t they. For me the…[Read more]

  • Another Balmullo resident here! I’d definitely recommend it for commuting by bike. I used to do it to Dundee and now to Cupar which is similar in distance as it is to St Andrews. House prices and rent are some of the cheapest in the area considering how close you are to St Andrews and to Dundee. Can’t help with the room unfortunately as we have an…[Read more]

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    Check out hambini on YouTube for an engineer’s view of Tifosi bikes. Fair to say he’s not impressed by their quality of manufacturing.