Tref Hopkins

  • Excellent news! Thanks, Bigyan! 😁

    I’ll take a look in the morning once I’ve cleaned it up and double check for damage.

    Any particular fun to watch out for when the retainer is removed or is it literally ‘undo small Allen head and remove screw and pawl-like thing’?

    Do I need grease tolerant loctite or will any old loctite do?

  • Check the listing carefully. If they’re brand new retail boxed stock then in theory yes, but hose shortening or threading through internal routing is likely to end with a brake that ‘works’ but would be improved by a bleed. Don’t care about all the people claiming you don’t need to bleed after having the lever end off. Most people are going to…[Read more]

  • vincienup replied to the topic best brakes for a tourer? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    I believe the old Hope 7-pot Monos used to be a popular choice for tourer fronts specifically because of heat handling from heavily loaded bikes…

  • Haven’t had a very good look yet as I made the discovery in the car park this evening and getting the damn bike in the car was the main concern at the time.

    So, Current 36 Performance, has the ‘clock’ adjuster on the DS leg for setting where the lever ends up.

    QR lever has extracted itself and while it does thread back in, does not hold suffi…[Read more]

  • vincienup replied to the topic Gravel bikes, why? in the forum Bike Forum 1 month ago

    Haters gonna hate…

    I don’t need or want a gravel bike and I’ll probably never race CX, but I can see why it might be helpful to let ‘CX’ bikes be a pure breed and not be diluted with various features to make them attractive to C2W commuters, bike packers and the rest. I’ve ridden some big trips on my CX with other riders on ‘gravel’ bikes and…[Read more]

  • Also, the ‘*’ filter is pretty impressive for catching a word that isn’t but sounds a bit like a ‘bad’ word…

  • So, I’m considering a GPS watch. I’ve pretty much done my research and I’m not particularly interested in recommendations for brand and model at this point.

    Size, on the other hand, is a thing. The models with the better run-times are at or around 51mm and the pictures online look fecking mahoosive, like someone strapped a can of fish to their…[Read more]

  • The old wheelsets approach is one that has probably had its day I think.

    I’m assuming the world caught on, as all manner of DT hubbed crap is overpriced now.

    Obviously, boost requirement adds problems as boosted DTs aren’t really old enough yet for this approach…

  • I’ve been watching DT 350’s for a while now in preparation for a new build that seems to have been on hold for ever.

    I’d agree that r2 are probably the best one-stop shop for DT if you need hubs plus adapters plus freehubs but depending exactly what you want, Starbike May be worth a look too.

  • vincienup replied to the topic Maxxis combos in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    So needs pace to clear itself (which is fair) but doesn’t struggle with the slip over wet muddy roots and rock?

  • Tbf, I’d go with the Vitus too. You’d spend the difference easily trying to get the Orange spec to the Vitus’ level. The Z2 is on another planet compared to the Sektor. It compares with high end Yaris, low end Lyriks and OE 36’s.

  • vincienup replied to the topic Maxxis combos in the forum Bike Forum 2 months ago

    Question about the Assegai. I liked the look until I spotted the ‘terrain guide’ on Maxxis that indicated it was a terrible choice for the UK mud.

    Is this actually not the case and Maxxis are underselling their tyre?

  • So, I’m trying to work out exactly what I need and the internet isn’t being anything like as helpful as it is for Rockshox stuff. This seems to be a general thing for Fox tbh.

    I *think* what I need for 140mm is 820-02-538.

    … or is it the Rhythm airshaft?

    Any advice welcomed… 😀