• Did some measuring and my seat was far too far back. My understanding is that bringing it forward will open up the hip angle a bit which will help with power.

    Will see how that works out before splashing out a small fortune on a new crank as I’d need to buy a new stages as all mine are 172.5

  • Been putting in some training for the upcoming tt season and it was going reasonably well, so now with a couple of months to go have stuck the tt bike on the trainer to try to nail position.

    One immediate thing that struck me was the noticeable drop in power (from an already fairly low number). It’s a new tt bike, and my position isn’t…[Read more]

  • For all the reasons tom has articulated, it’s a terrible idea.

    Reasonably common issue with original etap (that i experienced) was that the rear mech would temporarily stop shifting…then after about 30 seconds of doing nothing suddenly dump all the shifts you had tried to make in one go..

    Can you imagine the end result if that happened with…[Read more]

  • In Scotland it’s 40 mph winds with a bit of snow for good measure. This morning we even had a bit of thunder at same time..I didn’t think snow and thunder at same time was possible!!

  • Idiot.

    Bit harsh fella. He clearly wasn’t having a dig at folks who have been flooded..

    Tbf I don’t mind road riding in the rain, the kit is so good nowadays. but it’s the wind that destroys me. Last week I found myself doing 250 watts into the wind, flat road…9mph..

  • Are tt bikes faster in the zwift tt events? (I know they are faster just riding around but wasn’t sure about in tt races)

  • tpbiker replied to the topic Give a brother an estimate? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    500 quid tops

    I got 800 quid for a significantly better speced and newer spesh enduro about 4 years ago..

    It’s a nice bike though..

  • tpbiker replied to the topic Caroline Flack RIP in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Age might have something to do with it but also (as I now know from googling) her career was made for and with the vacuous. If you have a brain or value your entertainment more challenging than the equivalent of baby food you would not have seen much of Ms Flack.

    Funny then that even my 70 year old mum knew who she was…A woman who I’d wager…[Read more]

  • Richest few % of the population earn £50000 pa

    Closer to 10% in the UK.

    Fact remains many ordinary people from all walks of life earn 50k.

  • tpbiker replied to the topic Caroline Flack RIP in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    she had smashed a lamp on the head of her sleeping boyfriend and the boyfriend called the police and when they arrived he was drenched in blood.

    Tbf her boyfriend disputes the cps version of events, and as the key witness their case wasn’t exactly watertight was it.

    Either way, they pushed ahead, and that’s one of the reasons (amongst others)…[Read more]

  • Can somebody tell me in which universe an ordinary person can earn £50k/year,

    Many many ordinary people earn 50k a year. You don’t have to be doing anything remotely outstanding to earn that type of cash. Nor do you need to be particularly well qualified.

  • LOL, that’s definitely wrong

    Probably yes..I was just going on this comment from the flooding thread..

    Having lived in the tropics for 30 years where we get monsoonal rain, I amazed at how little rain it takes to cause flooding in the country

  • Epicyclo…did I read on another thread you haven’t actually lived in scotland for 30 years?

    If so, No wonder you are so keen on independence.. you dont need to actually deal with the consquenses!

    Are you Sean Connery per chance?

  • tpbiker replied to the topic Upgrading road discs in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    I’ve had spyres, the trp semi hydro hy/rd, and 2 sets of shimano full hydros.

    The spyres were distinctly average, and way worse than a full hydro. The hy/rd’s however are ace, maybe not quite as powerful as a full set of hydros but I actually prefer the feel. And they don’t rub constantly..

    Got them for 50 quid an end at decathlon.

  • Democracy is, of course, a one off event. That’s why I don’t understand why people keep bleating on about the SNP. We had the vote and the SNP won so that means they are our government now and forever. Isn’t it time to get over it and move on.

    That’s how democracy works, isn’t it

    It would be if the snp ever won another referendum…

  • If you can’t run a family & home on £50k you’re doing something far wrong.
    That’s a lot of money and leaves plenty of wriggle room for modest luxuries

    I’m not saying you can’t run a family home on that. But you won’t have lots left over, so to my point, you would miss 125 quid a month.

    I have plenty of mates who have family incomes around…[Read more]

  • And anyone earning around £50k can readily afford an extra £125 a month

    How do you know what someone can and can’t afford? 50k is alot if you are a single person with no dependencies. 50k isn’t all that much if you are the sole earner in a family of 4 with a decent sized morgage to pay. I’m not saying you’d be on the poverty line, but I’m s…[Read more]

  • Failed test 15..this despite having a history degree from one of the UK’s best universities

    Clearly they didn’t cover ‘when was punch first released in the curriculum’ however.

    Also, as others have said the tax question is clearly wrong.

  • tpbiker replied to the topic Santa Cruz ebike in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    My first full susser was a 2011 heckler. All I remember was it wasnt all that good.

    I like that ebike though. I wouldn’t buy one, or any ebike, as it would be pointless for the riding I do. But If I only enjoyed the downhill element of cycling, as many folks do, then it would be a no brainer. I remember when starting out me and the boys would go…[Read more]

  • little things that make I laff

    Yeah..that’s absolutely hilarious

    Oh wait..

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