• The route along RN3 from Cristo de la Cumbre to Coroico via the infamous Yungas “Road of Death” is quite an amusing ride – drops around 3000m in a distance of about 70km. First part is on decent tarmac, but the last 2/3rd or so is rough track with hairpin bends and some stupendously big drops on the left-hand side. 🙂

  • Have been pleasantly surprised by the robustness and easy cleaning of some Prestige Stone Quartz frying pans and ovenware purchased a few years ago – good heat distribution on an induction hob, and ovenware cooks very evenly. However, for saucepans my first choice (if you can find them) would be Demeyer 18/10 stainless Triplinduc – made in Belgium…[Read more]