• It’s more a fine balance of control. I don’t think it ever just get’s easier on any turbo but you can in theory drop the watts a little. You have to be careful as it’s easy to get dropped or put on too much and get spat out the front.
    If you don’t get in a decent size group you lose loads of time. I lost about 20 seconds down the Volcano the other…[Read more]

  • Only way around it is to run the live data and either click through to their profiles or make a decision on their current power outputs.
    If you can see the screen properly while dieing.

  • They don’t as they aren’t above category limits and none of the first 3 at least look like sandbaggers. 3rd will be getting an upgrade soon by the looks of it.
    Contrary to popular belief there is some skill required in Zwift racing rather than pure watts. Drafting is a skill, knowing when to make an effort to stay with a group and being able to…[Read more]

  • It’s not like you’ve won every race you’ve been in like the 2 you beat ;0)

    Another performance like that and you’ll be upgraded but you may as well keep in C for another race or 2. Also check your trainer calibration, weight and height just in case something is wrong as if you correct it later after upgrade you’ll be stuck in B cursing it.

  • Guts is meant to be a B so should be binned out of those results.
    You’re likely to be upgraded as you are a good chunk over the limit. You might sneak in as a C for another race or 2.

    Quick scan of a couple of races a lot of over category Cs are still in C race results even though they were already classifed as a B.

  • @weeksy I don’t doubt that but if you can recover for 5 minutes then do 15 minutes or a bit more at whatever you can manage but not too hard hence on assumption of your FTP then max out at about 130 watts.