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    How repairable is this? It’s quite a nice Salsa El Mariachi but I’m wondering if it’s time to let go. I remember a few months back someone snapping one in the same place.

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    Just need a pie and.mash in a easy to transport form for eating on the go.

    Been done. Get yourself some baby meal pouches like…[Read more]

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    I don’t think anyone has suggested gels are “better” as such have they?

    I think a lot of the marketing around these products is designed to give the impression that they’re hi-tech, betterer and essential for peak performance. They certainly don’t say “Proven to provide the same fueling as a king edward potato, at 10x the cost”

    For examp…

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  • tomd started the topic Effective use of potatoes in the forum Bike Forum 13 hours ago

    This study has been getting quite a bit of news coverage today. Basically, mashed potato and water were as effective at boosting performance for a ride followed by a TT. The limitations seem to it was for well trained cyclists, and only a sample of 12 people.

    “Potato ingestion is as effective as carbohydrate gels to support prolonged cycling…[Read more]

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    As I understand it, the road network is essentially a main spine road with smaller roads emanating from it to the coast. Is the main road okay for cycling, or best avoided? Is it possible to string together nice road routes around the island of decent distances (100+ km)? I’m guessing a fair amount of out-and-back routing is required.

    I did a b…[Read more]

  • The vast majority of non-binary people are still male or female, regardless of what they believe. I fully respect their belief but they don’t have a right to have everyone else believe it too. Just like religious beliefs really.

    I understand what you’re getting at. I just wonder if the difference is that is you passively do not believe in s…[Read more]

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    The one with excellent local warranty support, given you will almost certainly need it.

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    If you can afford it, get a leisure battery and webasto diesel heater for the van.

    Incredible things and make winter van life a lot nicer. It’s not that you need to keep it running, but just a 15 min blast in the morning helps keep the mildew at bay. They use next to zero diesel.

  • My local MP is a full fat ERG no deal Brexit headbanger.

    He’s all over his facebook / twitter triumphantly claiming a “Great new brexit deal”, with Tory central office produced graphics of BoJo standing statesman like against a union jack flag.

    So it seems like Bo jo has somehow got the Tory headbangers into line at least. The same MP, who…[Read more]