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    I’ve pretty much bowed out of the rugby stuff on here, but I’ll just step in to correct you on Haskell. I’ve had the misfortune of meeting him…’s no act, he’s one of the most arrogant out of touch with reality blokes I’ve ever met (and I work in the music industry so meet plenty of deluded arseholes).

  • As above, Kindle or some kind of solar powered powerbank…’s a lot of time spent doing not a lot on these type of trips!

    I know it’s not really technical, but I still believe she’ll need an ice axe on Aconcagua, so maybe an ice axe?

    As an aside, it’s not got a particularly high percentage of summiters I don’t think.

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    Just got home, had a gig…. standard fare really, I work most Friday and Saturday nights! Glass of red then off to bed though. Local gig tonight so getting to bed before 1am which doesn’t often happen.