• 5 days to go, just spent the evening waxing skis and packing bags. Can’t bloody wait. There’s a fair amount of snow already and another 4ft forecast by the weekend!

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    I’d second the Lansky system. I bought the ‘pro’ which has a set of diamond files in it. It’s very, very difficult to not get a damn near perfect edge. I was using a minosharp sharpener but the edge on the Lansky seems to be far more robust as well as initially sharper.
    think it was about £50?

  • Just booked La Plange for 15/12. #pray for snow!

    Going to do a mates w/e at beginning of Feb plus another pre Easter at probebly Sainte Foy.

    Bring it on!

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    I’ve not tried other systems in quite a while so I can’t compare but… I’ve got a Sonos 1, 3, 5, Playbar and sub. I’ll be adding a beam, move (to take in the garden to save playing it far too loud in the house for bbq’s) and another 1 over the winter. I love it, reasonable quality, great volume and for me, it just works.

  • I went over the bars riding along a log at Cannock. Shoulder popped out (hurt like a bastard) but it somehow relocated. Carried on around the loop, couldn’t really hold onto the bars. Went over the bars again and it came out again. According to my mate, I screamed.
    Fast forward a few weeks, I had reconstructive surgery at the Bath Clinic. For a w…[Read more]

  • Erm…

    but isn’t “your mate” jumping ahead of himself a wee bit?

    Please read the rest of the thread before being a bellend.


    But what’s the best course of action here, presumably he’s entitled to some sort of compensation?

    Pot kettle and black there.

    What actual injury has your mate suffered? What were the outcome of the tests? If…[Read more]

  • I did throw a pair of my pants at a ceiling fan in a hotel in Fuertaventura. The fan launched them out the sliding doors, over the balcony and they landed in the Main Street of Coreleco. They were still being kicked up and down the road when we left 3 days later.

  • There’s a chance that your glass is bedded on silicone or on glazing tape, if so there’s no space to get this to work.
    Nothing wrong with this method btw, I make thousands of windows a year on tape!

  • Totally reasonable to avoid puddles imo – unless I’m in my Amarok in which case puddle jumping is the best sport ever! Added points to get cab high spray both sides!
    If I remember rightly, bmw 6 series has a crazy low air intake, the old citron zx / Peugeot equivalent did as well.
    My old golf mk6 2.0tdi at one point had water coming over the b…[Read more]

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    Oh yes, it’s everywhere now.

    Ads678 – sadly even if you apply the points deduction to last year they are ahead of where tigers finished – tragic!
    (From a fellow Tigers fan)

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    Have they? I’ve heard rumours but not seen anything concrete – it makes sense, their squad is bloody immense and they’ve added to it for this season, surely it’s not within the cap!

  • Chukka boots
    Smart blacks
    Smart browns
    Older browns
    Deck shoes
    Sailing boots
    Casual trainer
    Running trainers
    Summer riding shoes
    Winter riding shoes
    Flip flops
    Ski boots?
    Merrel walking trainers

    So ‘only’ 16 pairs – and a frightening amount of money!

  • Looking for ideas for the week before Christmas, it’ll be early of course so high is a good bet. VT? Where else please?
    It’ll be me and Mrsbits, plus micro and nano bits. Youngest is 6 and now a pretty good skier, happy on reds and lift / tree runs (not fresh powder). However, he’s little and his energy falls off a cliff so need to be able to ge…[Read more]

  • Surely Steels Pots and Pan Oxy Brillo Range is the best thing out there?

    For reviews, please listen to the Belinda Blinked Podcast