• Hi, I’m in need of Pro2 Evo adapters for qr. Need both front and rear. I think Pro 4 ones fit as well. Let me know if you have some…

  • Nonsesnese = Anything that disrupts the fun of Scouts for the majority I guess. You have kids with issues but Scouts isn’t a cheap baby sitting service so they need to learn dissapline and how to fit into the troop. Characters are great and to be encouraged as it makes a kid individual but IMHO there must be a time when they know to tow the line…[Read more]

  • Parent helper here (it was you lot that inspired me to get involved as well as an ace local troop)

    Our Leaders don’t stand any nonsense. Three strikes and your out. It’s a respect issue to the leaders/vols as well as the well behaved kids.

    One or two bad apples can’t be allowed to dominate however you need kids to be individuals.

    It’s a tricky…[Read more]

  • Removed a snapped bolt from a Jones Teuss fork last night. Careful drilling and a reverse thread tool and it eventually gave in. Had a beer to celebrate.
    Got a pic of the new powder coat and decal set but not of the removed bolt…..