• I am based in Carlisle. It’s not classed as a flood in Carlisle until it reaches the second floor. Went to Sheffield this weekend and was surprised at what they classed as a flood tbh.

    Anyhow my wife has worked in conveyancing for 20yrs and she wouldn’t consider it. The whole of Carlisle would have to flood before ours would. We have seen the…[Read more]

  • Not married. It’s her house. Her kids are the priority

    Your lodging in her house mate. Are you not married because you don’t believe in it? Are you not married because it’s not the right time? Are you not married for another reason?

    Have you got money for another house? Did you have your own house pre this relationship? Are you payin…[Read more]

  • I have just this week had the exact symptoms you have with my 3yr old boulder. It was doing my head in. No leaks ANYWHERE, my pal who fits kitchens checked all the radiators and boiler for leaks but couldn’t find anything. I was topping up every 2 days.

    Purchased the boiler through a very helpful chap on here from the Northeast. ideal model a…[Read more]