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    I know. Been a fan of DMs for years but can’t believe the price increases over the last 2 or 3 year’s

    I think they’ve suddenly become fashionable again but to be honest most of their recent’ styles have been really gopping.

  • the Labour involved stripping them all down and reselling, and sending parts is surely uneconomical?

    Far more economical if you don’t pay anything for it to start with.

    Anything made after stripping is profit, surely?

  • The Pinkster replied to the topic Going Sky free? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Never been with them and never felt like I’m missing out. Freeview only here.

    Same here. Never felt the need either. Life seems too busy.

    That and the thought of giving any of my hard earned to that obnoxious score Murdoch and his cronies makes me sick.

    If you need a record facility as well try a Youview box. I picked up a cheap BT one a few y…[Read more]

  • Another vote to the OP for the Decathlon IronMan torch. Used one through most of last winter and the early mornings last week for my daily trail run with the dogs and I really like it.

    I’ve never  had to use it on full power and the ability to pivot it up & down is very useful sometimes.

    Yes, it does go a bit from side to side when running but…[Read more]

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    I think this ones even worse. I remeber watching it on 4 and feeling sick when he takes one hand off

    Cheers for that Binners, was trying to remember the name of that show.

    And I still feel sick…[Read more]

  • Personally I don’t particularly like water based gloss paints as I find they never seem to come up shiny enough for my liking.

    The best gloss I’ve found in years is Sandtex 10 year external gloss. It goes on really well, flats down really smoothly and gives a really hard shiny coating that has outlasted anything I’ve previously used on skirtings,…[Read more]

  • 3 x DMs
    1 x walking boots
    1 x walking shoes
    1 x wellies
    1 x trail runners
    1 x lightweight gym shoes
    2 x brogue boots
    2 x cycling shoes
    1 x slippers (OK, they’re the lined Crocs but they never leave the house)
    1 x those beach/board shoe things

  • Print a few thousand thank-you notes (on recycle paper obviously) and hand them out to commuters at train stations, cyclists, vegan bakery customers, you trap more flies with honey than shit etc.

    That’s an excellent idea

  • Aldi have their Stollen bites in store 🙂