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    Serious question, is heating single rooms not a false economy? Ie: unless each room is well insulated on its own, wouldn’t the heat just leech out to the adjacent unheated rooms ? Surely your better just heating the whole house if the outside walls are where the heat stops escaping…

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    It’s probably just had a very high polish before anodising, followed be a coloured dye afterwards. Perhaps a further polish & clear lacquer coat.
    It could even be just a high polish & dark tinted lacquer coat.

    Nickel isn’t great on alloy, it’s more for brass, or steel.

    Any plating process is only as good as the surface condition it’s present…[Read more]

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    Niner SIR.9.

    Case closed.

    (Or Niner MCR if you can find one).

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    Not a clue about your fault but we have a 64 plate Focus, base model 1.0 with the 105hp engine. It drives perfectly, but an odd thing I noticed, it won’t rev beyond 4k when stationary, but will do whilst actually driving. Not sure if it’s some kind of rev limiter.
    It’s a fab little car though.

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    Working no, but I’m somewhat foolishly in a caravan, in Blackpool.

    I think you’ll find that trumps anything this side of wiping Satan’s backside after curry night.

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    We use 3 small Dimplex branded ones in the Scout hut if running a sleepover. (It has radiant bar heaters on the ceiling, which you could cook meat under, so too much for sleeping under).
    The huts got zero insulation, it’s a 1960’s asbestos type affair, but these keep it a comfortable temp.

  • Niner SIR.9 here. I’d never sell it. It’s super light for a steel frame & the ride is sublime. It doesn’t do a lot these days. My 2nd gen Puffin isn’t far off it in terms of being fun to ride, but I think that’s just down to the stupidity of riding a fatty.

    I always said that, if I won the lottery, I’d have my SIR.9 replicated in 953 or Ti.

    I h…[Read more]

  • All the while your own family is growing up &, hopefully, not being compromised by this…
    These are grown ups. At some point you need to step away & focus on you & yours. Sorry if that’s harsh but that’s how it is. If they don’t want you to help then step back. You sound like your being torn in two by this. You & yours need you.

  • Ghetto them with a smaller dia tube…?